The challenges of sustainable development and the environment

The issue of sustainable development is becoming increasingly present in public debate and the media. The commercial sector and companies are also increasingly concerned. This issue is of interest to the latter, because it has become a lever for success or failure. the point.

E-commerce challenges in 2022

In Europe, significant growth in e-commerce is expected. Online purchases account for a large part of European GDP, particularly in France.

In 2020, the French made online purchases of about 112 billion euros according to the Federation of E-Commerce and Distance Selling (FEVAD). Moreover, according to INSEE, 82.7% of 15-29-year-olds used the Internet to make purchases. Thus, today this digital practice is an essential part of global business activity. However, its impact on the environment is becoming an important topic, to force every e-commerce and every company to rethink their business strategy to take environmental standards into account.

By this, it must be understood that differences between markets will depend primarily on national political and economic developments, but also on the ability of firms to adapt to environmental issues. To do this, it is important that future salespeople or executives study in a business school and be specially trained in sustainable development issues.

The role of the environment in the development of trade

Sustainable development and the environment have become essential components of our vision for trade today. In this context, the environment must be viewed as an asset for trade. The buying action is influenced by the image the consumer has of the products and services he purchases. In fact, consumers are increasingly sensitive to the environment and the working conditions of the person who provides them with the product or service. Fair Trade is a trade that aims to meet these standards in particular.

The importance of a sustainability strategy

To find their way, companies must have a sustainable development strategy. This strategy should be at the root of all business activities and should be integrated into the daily lives of employees and managers. It should also be grouped into a group of companies. We are talking about sharing knowledge. In this context, the manager’s role is to ensure proper implementation and control of the strategy.

In addition, the sustainable development strategy should be communicated to all the stakeholders of the company i.e. customers, suppliers, subcontractors and employees. Those involved must be able to apply it in their operations. The company must also be transparent to its stakeholders, particularly regarding greenhouse gas emissions.

Thus, sustainable development is also an opportunity for companies from which they can derive competitive advantages in the industrial, financial and marketing fields. Most importantly, they must adapt specifically to customer expectations. For this, it is necessary to create a link supported by sustainable development tools between the company and its stakeholders.

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