Studio, production company… News from influencer marketing agencies

Marketing effect. In this month of June, we have noticed a major novelty in the influencer marketing sector. Several agencies decided to open a new pole as well as a new space. Many of them launch or offer a production service with a company on the one hand and/or a studio available on the other for content creators, but also for brands.

What are the agencies that offer this new service? What’s the point? Who just announced the arrival of an influential manager? We let you discover the rest of the article to find out everything in this new article summary of the latest news in the sector.

The Point D’Orgue unveils Studio Marcel

Point d’Orgue continues to evolve. The team is growing and diversifying its offerings. In June of this year, the team revealed their creation studio in the heart of Paris. The venue is accessible to talent, partner companies or those who need a place to visualize their content.

that it ” 200m2 is dedicated to photo/video/charming room/fitting room in the heart of Paris, in the 8th arrondissement,” the team said in a LinkedIn post. The venue is now available for rent and located in the heart of Paris, and is an asset to the team. Agency offices are located above.

Ykone offers a weird enough production company

And the influencer marketing agency specializing in luxury and beauty continues to grow. The company announced the creation of its own production company “Oddly Enough”. With the aim of supporting brands, the team offers physical event design, digital content production, Metaverse, NFT, and Blockchain.

“Strange Enough Ykone will bring an extra level of flexibility and responsiveness to deliver a superior service than ever before to the brands we support. Our teams will now be able to rely on Stranger to overcome budget and time constraints by not relying on deadlines and traditional production box processes. Furthermore , through Oddly Enough, Ykone wants to establish itself as a partner with the widest range of expertise possible, capable of producing content that adapts to all realities, whether physical, digital or virtual, Ykone CEO Olivier Bellon notes in a press release.

Cision surrounds himself with influence, engagement and communications manager

This June, Cision announced the arrival of Aurélie Siou. She is the Director of Impact, Engagement and Communication. “She is responsible for leading Cision’s partner network of media, influencers, organizations, clubs, and professional associations around PR, communication, and brand strategy, but also around education. To Media and Information (EMI), a commitment of the company,” a statement Journalist.

During her career, Aurélie Siou has held several positions: US Political Analyst, Digital Strategy Consultant and Executive Coach at Publicis Consultants Net Intelligenz, and expert advisor on independent online influence and reputation strategies.

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