Palais des Thés: “The franchisees are our best brand ambassadors”


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With 33 franchises in France, with a turnover of €58.4 million, 21% of which are from franchises (France and international), Palais des Thés could have been satisfied with its results and maintained its annual targets. But the brand, created by François-Xavier Delmas 36 years ago, continues to open franchise titles.

Studies were not a cup of Francois Xavier Delmas tea. However, since opening his first tea shop with friends in Paris in 1991, and having devoted himself to studying plants and cultivation techniques from around the world, today this self-discovery is high on my list. Network of 70 stores in France. A brand based on both branch opening and franchising (33 so far). Including abroad (19 franchises including the first in Brussels in 2001). The founder of the network, a global scientist and researcher in the field of tea, shares his vision:

“The ethos of the Palais des Thés is to maintain this balance between franchises and branches. This shows franchisees that we know how to do the job and helps promote their business within the home. I did not create this company to be resold afterwards! Here, relationships with partners are long-term. Franchisees are our best brand ambassadors.

Open in Cherbourg, Laval, Paris and Toulouse

And if today the Palais des Thés recorded a turnover of 58.4 million euros, of which 21% from franchise Tricolor and internationally, the entrepreneur intends to cross this threshold. That is why he continues to intertwine the earth, as one makes a land to grow, by a handful of small seeds:

This year, we opened in Le Havre with a franchisee who already has two stores, in Bayonne with the franchisee who also plans to open one day in Pau, as well as in Poitiers with the franchisee in La Rochelle, then Avignon.. Cherbourg is also in targets, such as the cities of Laval, Limoges and Corsica.

Twelve new units should see the light of day Within a few months, split between franchising and branch opening.

“We will open the franchise in the border region of Etrembières (74) in November, as well as shares in Issy-Les-Moulineaux (92) and Paris Mouffetard in October, then in Lyon and Toulouse in November.

A contrast synonymous with economic power and a thirst for entrepreneurship, for François-Xavier Delmas. if at first The management team targeted cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants to prove their existence Quickly, it is now including smaller water harvesting areas in its development strategy. “When we opened in Quimper, the doubts disappeared. We were convinced that we could also open up areas with a population of 70,000”, recalls François-Xavier Delmas. Thirty-six years after its first opening, it is clear that the Palais des Thés emphasizes its experience in building customer loyalty, with the aim of democratizing the use and benefits of its products. In other words, a catalog that varies with seasons, consisting of no less About 300 assorted references including 200 permanent references and grands crus (From individual harvest and batches in small quantities). Consumers are gradually turning to it…

“Even if the French only consume an average of 200 grams of tea per year, which is low compared to per capita consumption in other countries, this is the beginning of the movement! When I set up my business, my business school friends thought I was going to fail and were afraid of my project. But the tea market has changed a lot in France. And the enthusiasm is real for this product. It is not a fad on the contrary, a slow consumption trend. We are here at the right time! In addition, the competition is good!‘, continues this affiliate of slow life.

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Invest in a fertile market

palaisthesofficieldelafrnchiseBut raising public awareness of the art of tea necessarily requiresSend candidates for tea school training To learn about techniques, aromas and flavors, says François-Xavier Delmas, who by his side travels once a month across the Asian continent to meet “Producers floating in the mountainsThis involves following a program called be a tea bartender for three days (even to get unlimited access to training as needed). Next, to practice selling techniques in stores. Finally, the candidate will be able to surround himself with the sponsor to start the adventure and expand his knowledge via a E-learning platform, this amounts to continuing education.

Grand Krue franchise

‘Welcome a lot of people in retrainingSome of them work as a couple or as a family. The most important thing is to have a gastronomy sensibility, luxury, and excellent, if you don’t have connections with the grocery store. And you want to impart and share knowledge to ensure a good customer experienceThe entrepreneur continues. The branding approach is based on four principles:Learn about producers who don’t get the same harvest, source, explanation, educationEspecially at a time when the Palais des Thés . is fighting food transparency. It aims to get a file A variety of 100% organic products in 2025when 30% of their teas already have AB or SafeTeaTM certified.

“Many growers produce very good teas, but without an organic certification. Each tea received is systematically checked by an independent laboratory according to EU Standard 396/2005. Because incompatible teas are not marketed and immediately returned to the producer.”

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150 thousand euros to open a shop

To integrate the Palais des Thés franchise, it will be necessary to have Room between 40 and 60 square meters. The investment, excluding rental rights, is 150 thousand euros. come back €12,000 entrance fee (excluding taxes).

“However, you will not have equity until 4The tenth in the year, with 3% of purchases made at the Palais des Thés“, indicates the leader. You will also eventually be able to thrive.”In year 3, you will have access to 300,000 euros or 400,000 euros in turnover. Some stores bring in a million euros. Below, on the other hand, we will be wary. But it all depends on the location, date of the point of sale, fees, rent and employee status or not.‘ concludes François-Xavier Delmas. So, would you like a glass of Ceylon or Matcha before sending your resume to the banner?

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