Should you install a cleaning app on your smartphone?

The most popular cleaners have hundreds of millions of downloads. They can be useful in erasing some forgotten files, but they are not miracle apps either.

We see it on Google Play or the App Store and wonder if it’s really useful. All cleaner apps promise the same thing: erase junk files to make your phone perform better. It sounds too good to be true: click a few buttons and get a phone as good as the new one. Do not expect such a miracle, of course, however, the application of cleaning has its advantages. Over time, temporary files, junk files and cache accumulate and take up storage space on the phone.

If you have a high-end model, with great memory, you might not be impressed, but mid-priced smartphones have their limitations. Some apps collect data to work better (cache) and after a year of use I’ve definitely downloaded several files that I completely forgot existed today: professional document, museum ticket, manual, etc.

An app like CCleaner provides the classic file deletion service. // Source: CCleaner

In addition to good gestures

This is where popular cleaning tools can come in handy. ” An application of this type will mark unnecessary or unwanted files that you can delete. It is possible to do all this manually, but it takes some practice. However, internet experts found that most of them contain malware. You should check the website of the respective application before downloading it Explains Danny Da Silva, Director of Marketing at BitDefender. The most famous of them are freely available – Google Files, CCleaner, Droid Optimizer, SD Maid – and have collected hundreds of millions of downloads.

For the performance of the smartphone, Dany Da Silva also recommends updating its interface. ” The latest versions of the operating system provide better alerts about data handling, but also about security He adds. ” Cloud storage will always unlock the device. Finally, a cybersecurity tool for checking apps is never too much Says the expert.

Note that the cleanup tool can run in the background, so it will be a more active app on your smartphone. The best thing is to use it from time to time for monthly cleaning eg.

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