Good or bad news?

Will Amazon’s arrival under a Belgian domain name be good or bad news for our merchants? It all depends on the brand, says Christophe Wambersey, general secretary of the Neutral Independent Union (SNI). Which especially encourages them to continue their efforts in the digital field, which is more necessary than ever.

Can the Amazon platform be an ally or, conversely, an enemy of our merchants because it imposes a reputation that is difficult to circumvent?

Whether that’s good or bad, that’s not really the problem, as we have to deal with this reality. We wouldn’t get an inch thinking it was better than before. It’s a fact: these actors are there and Consumers have now tamed online shopping. So we have to take Amazon on the plate and evolve it. It is in no way superior to the material trade that You will continue to play a major role, even dominant. This can emphasize communication with the merchant, the possibility of touching the products or even the experience of the customer, that is, the search for more or less exclusive satisfaction.

How is this Belgian domain name beneficial to Amazon, given that consumers are already shopping on its French and German sites?

Is it positive or negative?

It can only be Trader friendly. The competition between these platforms will necessarily affect the provision of services and the prices you charge them. I don’t see how they can go about attracting new partners. However, consumers should not be given the impression that the big names in e-commerce are the only players.

“We must understand this access as an increasingly challenging competitive proposition among e-commerce players.”

Thus, pushing digital sliders will be the best solution for small traders who do not want to enter the Amazon system?

This is all the work we do at SNI: more than ever, Web Freelancers Should Work Professionally As a tool for prospecting, fame and sales. To achieve this, they either launch themselves or use platforms, in which case it is necessary Find out and compare costs. Amazon is one area of ​​possibilities among others.

To what extent is the user feeling satisfied with the services provided?

There are two kinds of feelings. Some dealers are very happy. They consider the commission reasonable, note a real added value to their sales and believe that this partnership allows them to avoid investing in a certain number of tools. On the other hand, others say the exact opposite. They saw their sales only take off through their digital marketing strategy. Amazon isn’t just a paid service that you can accept or decline.

Doesn’t competition between e-commerce platforms risk accelerating the race to the lowest price, thus affecting sellers’ margins?

it’s a An idea arrived Believing that what is sold on the Internet is necessarily cheaper. When you look at Amazon prices, they are not that low. should also Pay attention to the after-sales service. Let’s take an example of a dishwasher that was bought on a platform: the day it broke down, welcome the administrative procedures, the documents to be completed, and exchange emails so we can come and fix it. This is where physical freelance trading really comes in. Of course, smaller products do not necessarily fall into this scenario. anyway: Free returns, I don’t think it will last another twenty years. So I am not pessimistic about independent trade.

Christoph Wambersey, Secretary General of the SNI. © Photo Belga

Could Amazon’s arrival hurt merchants who have recently invested in their own e-commerce solutions?

Perhaps, but let’s not forget that trade, by definition, is competition. As part of the “Virtual Shopping Days” process, which takes place in November, we are registering as many freelancers as possible from Wallonia to encourage consumers, also through competitions, to come Discover their default interfaces. The idea, on the one hand, is that merchants We understand that the network creates traffic and a bad reputation On the other hand, consumers are discovering online solutions for nearby brands. Where Amazon offers a Standard product pricing and shipping formulaMerchants can develop their own digital world, generating trust among consumers. Of course, this is far from certain and represents a lot of work for a freelancer. But the excitement is now there.


Don’t type in if you’re looking for the e-commerce giant’s futuristic Belgian address: you’ll come across an insurance company’s website. At the end of July, the American platform designed by Jeff Bezos already announced the arrival of a “local online store” dedicated to its Belgian customers, but it will be under the domain name This is expected at the beginning of the school year, or at least this fall. This isn’t a change in the e-commerce landscape: French-speaking consumers, in particular, are already accustomed to browsing Amazon under its French banner. Belgian merchants can already register on The service is far from free, given that in addition to market, shipping, and warehousing costs, Amazon generally earns a commission of between 8 and 15% on every product sold.

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