5 essential actions for successful sales prospecting

Searching for potential customers is one of the most time consuming and challenging tasks that salespeople face. Done correctly, it becomes an exciting experience that allows you to find the right customers for your offer. It is better to rely on a Exploration Trading Company Searching for potential clients is absolutely essential to gain new clients and accelerate your income growth. You need to define your target audience and once you know your prospects, focus on creating an impactful message to pique their interest and convince.

1 – Create a perfect probability profile

Take the time to find out what your ideal client profile looks like and research your database. Who are your top five clients? Who are your five worst clients? Who are your most profitable customers? What is the least profitable? Create profiles for each of these groups. It is also necessary to think in a “problem-solving” method, i.e. identifying the problems that your ideal customers might face and how your product can solve them? Once you’re done, use your profile to find other leads that match these criteria. Focus on the greatest potential in your market

2 – Identify ways that meet your ideal prospects

Start by analyzing where you met your “best” customers. In most cases, the “best” customer is the most profitable customer. Was it at a trade show, seminar, recommendation? Think in terms of events or activities in which your ideal prospects are present and active. Think in terms of a digital presence: What are social media channels, news feeds, and other digital publications. If you work in B2B sales, most of your customers should be on LinkedIn. You need to prove that you are on this network and take advantage of A .’s recommendations Commercial Drilling AgencyAnd the To develop a business plan, introduce yourself to the right places and get to know your potential clients.

It is better to get to know your target prospects to get to know them better and convince them better. Study their location, project, goals… In-depth research should give you a roadmap and sales pitch to convince them that your product or service meets their needs. So you will get a decisive effect and a strong impression

3- Ask your customers for recommendations

Nothing is better than a satisfied customer, it’s your best advertisement. in BtoB Studies show that 9 out of 10 buyers are influenced by word of mouth in making a purchase decision. A free opportunity that you should not miss, ask your customers to recommend you! The best time to get a recommendation is right after the sale, 9 out of 10 customers are happy to give it. Stay in touch with your existing customers to ensure that they remain happy with your product/service and business. Send them invitations to events, share information that will be useful to them.
You can also find new contacts with your old customers by having them talk about them expertise for your product or service. You can create a large business network by building customer loyalty and asking them to recommend potential customers who have the same profile.

4 – Send relevant content to potential customers

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are all channels that potential buyers visit to find information. So if you are not there, your competitors will take your place! Having a social media presence adds to your prospecting arsenal and does not replace your other prospecting activities. Above all, send relevant content to potential customers. The content should address specific situations and pain points of this possibility, because no one will listen to you if you don’t talk about them. Stop posting content that talks about the quality of your products, and give potential customers solutions and value through your content. You need to establish a dialogue during which you will learn more about the pain points and the needs and desires of your prospects, especially where they are in the decision-making process.

5 – Send personal emails

With a higher open rate than bulk emails, personalized email reaches the target more easily according to the needs of each potential customer. You have to dazzle him with everything you know about his business or his needs. For a potential customer to open and read your email, it needs to appear on mobile devices because more than half of all emails are read on the go, resulting in higher click-through rates.

Track all your prospecting actions to get an accurate idea of ​​your performance. Note the calls made, and check the number of calls to convert a potential customer into a customer. Work on areas with high potential to improve results. Record past calls, listen to exchanges, arguments and counter-arguments to make your next presentations more effective and persuasive.

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