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In the spring of 2020, the average daily noise level dropped from 1 to 5 decibels below the pre-lockdown level. It has been observed in seismographs. It’s not just earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes that shake this earth-shaking machine. Every day a small earthquake occurred in the city, which became quieter during the snowfall in Filomena, while we were counting the waves.

But a team from ICTJA-CSIC found that instruments that measure earthquakes were barely getting up on time. Seismograph needles stretched to the rhythm of others, those of watches. The bells were the only ones that celebrated these silent days of 2020 and 2021.

For example, in Greece they saw how bells do not ring after eating out of respect for a nap. In the French case, according to the sign, the chime of angels is kept at 7:00 in the morning. Seismographs are often not peacefully active when news is released. And they know it all too well in La Palma. Today looks like this podcast about volcanoes and tsunamis. And he does it with someone who has just returned to the Canary Islands: Rubén Lopez.

This volcanologist from the National Geographic Institute (IGN) was at the start of the 2021 eruption while counting the waves. He has now returned to La Palma to continue his scientific work and protect the citizen. Because “volcanoes continue to cause damage after they become extinct.” In this case, through emissions of gases that can be toxic or suffocate entire populations.

From volcanoes in Iceland to tsunamis that weren’t in Spain…but they will be

Volcanoes and tsunamis have been in the news this month for various reasons. In Iceland, the land reopened in less than a year, leaving stunning images. Everything indicates that after a period of 800 years of calm in the Reykjanes Peninsula, the area is beginning to re-energize on the surface.

Could the La Palma volcano be reactivated in the same way, or could a new fissure open in a similar period of time to Iceland? Lopez notes that there are currently no indications to suggest that. Precisely for this reason, aspects such as seismic activity (famous swarms), soil deformation or outgassing are constantly monitored.

In Spain, a tsunami warning network is also being posted, as Nahum Mendez Shazzara recalls in this podcast. Giant waves have already swept parts of entire cities before, on the peninsula. And this has nothing to do with what happened in Cadiz or what is imagined in the Balearic Islands a few months ago, after the eruption of the Tonga volcano.

Talking to Naim Mendez, author of the book history of volcanoes (Al-Mazara, 2022), one of the most exciting things, about what science has learned from the La Palma tragedy and what would happen if the moon erupted one day and we saw it from Earth. Or if we could spend a year without a summer again, like the year that inspired Mary Shelley to write FrankensteinAfter a volcano erupted, the planet cooled for months. Volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes, while we were counting the waves.

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La Palma, volcanoes and tsunami waves
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La Palma, volcanoes and tsunami waves
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La Palma, volcanoes and tsunami waves
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