A Bordeaux company has launched a digital welcome brochure for hotel operators

By discussing with hoteliers, by improvising communal tables for guests, that …

By discussing with hoteliers, by improvising communal tables for guests, his link to the click. His idea: to create an application that would allow hotel operators to improve their communication with customers, improving the satisfaction rate while increasing RevPar or revenue per available room.

The project is taking shape step by step. Cooled by the astronomical amounts of quotes he requested, Sylvain Galtier decided to practice computer coding in order to develop his own app. After nine weeks of intensive lessons, the student acquires the right knowledge base. 2019 is dedicated to developing the first version of his digital solution.

QR code to scan

Looming a Room in touch launch in March 2020. Lack of luck, Covid is passing by. “For two years, nothing happened,” he admits, without giving up on the matter. A web developer provides website services to keep his company up and running. Besides, his enterprise does not grow in the middle of the desert. Unitech, the open source Banquiz accelerator and TIPI 535 incubator come with it. At the end of 2021, the founder of the startup succeeded in obtaining 60 thousand euros in support from the regional council. He hires two people and develops a more complete version of his product.

A few hotels are using it in the testing phase. Important details: “We do not recover data from the end customer, Sylvain Galtier guarantees. The application is used via a QR code that gives access to the hotel’s digital welcome booklet. There is no account to create, nothing to download.”

With this application, each visitor can have direct access (in several languages) to information about the facility: room characteristics, breakfast times, services provided, emergency exit signs, contact number for reception, photos if necessary. With one click, he will be able to order food and drink from room service and have it delivered directly. No need to go to the front desk or call room service. Psychological inhibition disappears.

For his part, through this brochure the hotel owner can communicate about his events: entertainment, yoga classes, overtime, group tables, themed evenings, etc. He can suggest the program of TV channels, indicate the main sights to discover around his establishment. The map identifies sites and monuments, and conveys information published on DATAtourisme. Finally, a satisfaction survey to be completed during the stay allows management to resolve dissatisfactions in real time, thus reducing bad ratings online.

Margins on room service

According to the founder of the startup Bordeaux, Room in touch is able to customize all the content. And if there is no trace of his company in the application, it is normal. “We are a white company. When the customer scans, he only sees the logo, colors and information that the hotel wants. The image of the latter is not intrusive. »

In light of the first observations, a digital welcome brochure tends to increase sales, thus generating additional margins thanks to the logic of target marketing. The former salesperson mentioned an additional 15% sales over room service. The app is billed as a monthly subscription. “If the margins generated can cover the subscription costs, our app will not be seen as a cost but as an investment.”

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