9 Best Podcast Hosting Tools for WordPress

Your podcast is an essential part of your marketing toolkit. It can help you promote your brand wherever your customer is: in the car, at work, at home, etc. But to reach your customers, you need a place to showcase your podcast and grab attention.

While iTunes and other podcast hosts can do a good job, they are generally hard to categorize. Instead, you should be in control of your search engine promotion and ranking. One of the best ways to do this is to have a page on your site to include your podcast.

If you are running a WordPress site, there are plenty of solutions. Here is a selection of the best.


If you have a podcast companion video to promote on YouTube, you can simply use the YouTube video URL to embed your podcast on your WordPress site. It is relatively simple, fast, and requires limited technical skills on your part.

The challenge is that you then have to create a video and upload it to YouTube. Although it may seem simple, it is more difficult than you can imagine. First, most YouTube accounts are limited to uploading a maximum of 15 minutes of video at a time. If you have a longer podcast, you will have to split it up, which disrupts the user experience, although there are ways around time restriction.

Second, the costs of producing a video can be high and the quality can reduce the impact of your message.

Very simple podcast

It’s one of the easiest ways to post podcast episodes on your WordPress site, and it’s free. It offers you the ability to publish and distribute your podcast to the landing pages of your choice. It includes a media player that can be inserted above or below any content you write on the page.

The plugin collects information from an RSS feed that you may have on iTunes, Google Play, or another podcast hosting service. It also adds a new rating for podcasts and series so that you can easily manage multiple episodes and series through the dashboard.

However, there seems to be a bit of customization. Also, there are complaints that there is not enough support for the WordPress plugin and some themes may not work.

Lipsin Podcast Plugin

Libsyn is one of the most popular podcast hosting platforms. Their WordPress plugin is one of the best out there, offering a bunch of features to make podcasting easier.

First, it will allow you to post new episodes to your Libsyn account directly from your website. The RSS feed is updated automatically and audio podcasts are stored on Libsyn’s servers, which saves you space on your server and doesn’t slow down your website speed.

This will save you time by allowing you to watch podcast episodes from iTunes and your site once published.

Additionally, you can control the creation of new custom posts on your website to promote your new episodes. Libsyn will only manage your RSS feed and download in the background.

Blubrry PowerPress

PowerPress is often one of the best plugins considered by new WordPress website bloggers. It offers everything you can imagine to start, host, and manage podcasts.

The plugin allows your WordPress site to publish MP3 files directly, allowing your site to become a podcast host.

The plugin then creates a broadcast feed, allowing listeners to subscribe and stay up to date with the latest episodes. The plugin supports a number of RSS feeds including RSS2, iTunes, ATOM, and BitTorrent RSS.

If you want listeners to be able to enjoy your podcast directly from the website, this is easily handled with their built-in HTML5 media player. Finally, you can embed media from YouTube.

PowerPress also helps rank your podcasts in searches. Provides useful SEO settings that make your podcast discover better on Google, Bing, and iTunes directory.

You can use podcast editing tools to make podcast episodes more professional and use relay tools to switch between other hosts/plugins. Finally, you can see how many people are participating in your podcast with our free Blubrry media stats.

Fusebox (Formerly: Smart Podcast Player)

An excellent solution more suitable for larger or commercial podcasts, it is an attractive player that can be installed on your WordPress site. The plugin developers promise to speed up podcast traffic and downloads and provide tools to boost subscriber growth.

The launcher looks beautiful and fits perfectly on the website page. This can be customized, and since it is a premium plugin, there is tremendous support to help you out. It also supports streaming from many hosts including SoundCloud, LibSyn, and others.

To upgrade, episode descriptions are professionally displayed, and you can add a list of current and previous episodes to the sidebar.

Fusebox also provides a premium user experience. Listeners can stream from your website or download to listen to your podcast later, and new listeners don’t have to subscribe. They can sample episodes and share them with their followers on social media.

Advanced options allow you to have a version compatible with mobile devices, which is important with Google’s new rules for ranking web pages. Automatic updates are also available.

Simple podcast press

As the name suggests, Simple Podcast Press is easy to set up, but the impact it can make for your WordPress site is powerful. To set up your podcast on your website with this plugin, simply enter your URL from iTunes or SoundCloud. The plugin will take care of the rest.

For each episode, a new unique page is created with the inclusion of a mobile compatible player. Your full episode description is also listed on the new podcast announcement page. If there are images in your podcast feed, they will be listed as well.

This basically means that whenever you publish new episodes, your site will be automatically updated. So, this powerful little plugin will help you save time.

Buzzsprout podcast

This is another excellent podcast hosting solution, but there is a free WordPress plugin to help you share your episodes online. The current website software supports iTunes and HTML5 players and provides statistics.

Their free plan allows two hours of podcast episodes to be published per month, but episodes are only deleted after 90 days. If you want episodes to last forever, you have to pay a monthly fee.

The plugin has a simple migration tool to move your podcasts from another server and gives powerful insights with their stats. But there are few things that help you use podcasts on your site other than the HTML5 player.


Podlove Podcast Publisher makes it easy to add podcast episodes to your WordPress site. This plugin creates powerful and properly formatted podcast feeds for your website. You have detailed control over how a client (such as iTunes) uploads and plays the podcast. This saves you from missing episodes or double exposure, which can happen with older clients.

There are also some great features for publishing your podcasts, including adding chapters and flexible templates to customize your podcast and make it truly unique.


This is a complete software service/solution for adding your audio files to your WordPress site. Cincopa can add many media formats to any website.

For WordPress, their plugin gives you a customizable launcher. Although it doesn’t look complete, there is a lot of work behind it. The service they offer aims to simplify the podcast publishing process giving you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating podcast episodes.

To publish through their plugin, you can choose a pre-designed theme for your player, upload the podcast episode file to your account, and then use a generated code to embed it into your WordPress site on a page of your choice.

This plugin, while useful, is probably not for people who podcast frequently but produce podcasts whenever they can. However, it also means that your SEO for your podcast and your website is entirely dependent on your merits, which can hurt your search rankings.

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