Top 3 countries in Europe where it is good to work remotely

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has forever changed the way we work and where we work, and there is no denying that completely remote jobs, which allow employees to be stationed anywhere in the world, are one of the most attractive benefits. From tax benefits to an enviable work-life balance, the benefits of working from home are many, but what better place to set up shop? And is it as easy as picking up a laptop and checking in?

We’ve picked three of the best options in Europe based on cost of living, tax benefits, ease of travel and sense of adventure. We’ve also rounded up some of the best remote jobs currently available on NextPit, in case your current role isn’t a good fit for Mediterranean winters.

Best places to work remotely in Europe #1: Greece

Besides being an Instagram inspiration, Greece has become one of the preferred countries for remote workers thanks to its generous tax benefits and open visa policies. The Greek immigration law was enacted in 2021 and offers remote employees a 50% reduction in income tax and social security, while the digital nomad visa allows third-country nationals (outside the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland) to work remotely for a maximum of one year.

Add to this the relatively low cost of living (depending on where you settle), pleasant year-round climate and relaxed lifestyle, and it’s easy to see why Greece is quickly becoming an option for digital nomads.

Best places to work remotely in Europe #2: Portugal

Home to the happiest city in the world (Lisbon, according to a recent iVisa survey) and boasting some of the most generous tax breaks in all of Europe, Portugal is a favorite country for remote workers. Passive Income and Unusual Residence Tax benefits include tax-free foreign income and cryptocurrency.

In addition, the income and length of stay required to qualify for these benefits are much lower than in some other EU countries. Add to that one of the lowest cost of living rates in Europe and you have the perfect remote workplace.

Best places to work remotely in Europe #3: France

France may not be the first choice for nomads due to the high cost of living. However, it is interesting to note that for housing, utilities and energy, they actually rank lower than countries such as Spain, Austria, and Belgium.

After Brexit, France remains open to non-European travelers thanks to the Schengen visa, which allows eligible travelers to spend 90 out of 180 consecutive days in the country.

View of Paris. / © NicoElNino /

With this in mind, Paris is a great option for remote workers, as it is located in the Central European time zone, which means that people who work for US or Asia-based companies are not too bothered. De plus, la culture des cafés existants est habituée à ce que les travailleurs à distance occupent de l’espace, de sorte qu’il n’est pas difficile de trouver du Wi-Fi rapide, du café à volonté et des endroits ou regarder People.

If you want to explore the world of mobile work, take a look at the three telecommuting jobs below.

Marketing Automation Manager – France, HubSpot

Role: The Marketing Automation Manager will help monetize the French HubSpot audience with a focus on user experience and meet and exceed revenue targets for France. You will pilot, build, customize and scale global automation software.

Responsibilities: You will lead HubSpot France’s marketing chat strategy. You will create and try out chat experiences on and in the HubSpot app.

requirements: Full professional fluency in French and English is required, as well as a team player mentality. Proven experience in setting up, delivering, and optimizing automated email campaigns is also required.

Apply for a Marketing Automation Manager position or check out the other hybrid jobs available at HubSpot.

IT Support Specialist, SendInBlue

Role: The IT Support Specialist will work closely with the Infrastructure team and Cyber ​​Security team to explore and lead new projects using the latest technologies to grow and achieve SendInBlue goals.

Responsibilities: You will conduct department-wide audits and identify gaps to drive efficiency, productivity, and accuracy. You will also provide comprehensive customer support, such as identifying and resolving problems, troubleshooting and performing day-to-day IT tasks.

requirements: Ideally, you have experience in service management, knowledge of network protocols, operating systems, authentication protocols, and a good understanding of information and infrastructure security.

Apply for the role of IT Support Specialist or explore other remote roles with SendInBlue.

Senior Director of SEO, Vestiaire Collective

Role: The Senior SEO Manager will report directly to the Global Head of SEO and work with different teams (Marketing, Onsite, Sourcing, Engineering and Product) as part of your mission to implement, analyze and improve the best SEO strategy for Vestiaire Collective.

Responsibilities: You will conduct SEO experiments using rigorous methods and measurement methods to assess their effectiveness, and perform audits on existing SEO strategy that suggest improvements and provide support to technical stakeholders – while ensuring that new site features and/or content adhere to best SEO practices.

requirements: Have at least 6 years of SEO experience for e-commerce websites and have a solid technical background in SEO including tools and analytics, as well as HTML, JS, SSR/CSR and dynamic rendering (SEO Edge is an asset).

Apply for a Senior SEO Manager position or check out other opportunities available at Vestiaire Collective.

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