Margot Ducancel, the “girls side” wine

The Internet is his kingdom so thirsty increases. Margot Ducancel tweets, floods her Instagram account with photos, hosts a blog, organizes live shows, feeds her video site… Her club is home to her fan community. All this is very common, as is its function: influential. But he specializes in wine – informing, judging and promoting it – and he is less so. She does so by representing herself, as in reality TV, using the female rope extensively. On this record, it is unique.

Margot Ducancel’s work is called “Rouge auxèvres”. His Instagram account has 37,000 subscribers – the counter is going up every month. On this social network, it is the largest community of wine lovers (mostly women in their thirties) in the French language. No professional, including our best bartenders, comes close to it. Success is largely linked to its approach. Where nearly all wine professionals express themselves on the web as serious connoisseurs, Margot Ducancel positions herself more as deceptive (pseudo), uninhibited and whimsical, and loves to position herself at the height of her audience. The position attracts or disturbs, in a sector its masculine symbols are disturbed. She doesn’t care what she’s judging her Wine lovers.

Blonde, elegant, sporty, natural, cheerful. Margot Ducansel, 34, plays with her body and her happiness. You speak fast, not the type to dissect an obstacle. In her photos and videos, she displays the same color everywhere: bright red on her lips (she always has two to five sticks in her purse), red hat, dress, coat, jacket, and shoes. But also a white T-shirt with the words printed on it “I’m champagne” Written in red with hearts. This scenario is amusing. “I want to open the world of wine to other circleslike fashion »justify.

Master’s degree in “Wine Marketing”

Nothing prepared Picardie to become an influencer in wine. Mother a schoolteacher, father an engineer, childhood in a village of three hundred people near Amiens, surrounded by pig farms. Margot has dyslexia, but has turned to art. “I grew up in a very cultured environment. I painted and read a lot. I worked in theater for ten years, I loved you say. will serve him.

After a hypokhâgne in Lyon, she entered the IESA school in Paris (art and culture) to become an auctioneer. She gets her bachelor’s degree, goes to Drouot or flea market every day, holds a magnifying glass, and becomes “obsessed with art”, as you say. During an internship at the end of studies at the Artcurial auction house, she was, by mistake, transferred to the wine department. “I wasn’t happyyou remember. Get wine by telling stories for bottle auction catalogs. I knew nothing about it, to the point where I don’t know how to type a computer password. It was Yquem, and I wrote it with an i. Then I made my decision and started to take an interest in chrome. »

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