GR.APP, the Saint-Etienne app that makes you drink life in red, pink or white

A new app, made in Sainté and geared towards wine, will be launched in October/November. its name ? GR.APP. its concept? Facilitate group purchases between friends or family directly from producers, with fewer middlemen and no shipping costs.

It’s a new project from Saint-Étienne that revolves around bowling. We’re not talking about bowling here, but about the bottles that seal the white, red, or pink nectar of wine. Many consumers of wine buy large quantities. Vincent Goliath, founder of the digital agency Webqam in Saint-Étienne, is one of them. Faced with the tedious aspect that can be organizing these group purchases, often between friends or family, from producers, look for a digital solution that can make these transactions more flexible. Faced with the void he found himself in, he decided to launch GR.APP, an app that fulfills these unmet needs. ” I have been working on this project for several years.Explain the latter. The idea came from the user’s need, because it is often complicated to manage mass purchases of wine from winegrowers. This often includes a PDF document that is circulated between friends via email. It is a bit old fashioned and very inappropriate. Then I looked to see if there was a tool to facilitate these purchases but found nothing. This is where GR.APP was born, a free mobile application that allows you to buy wine in bulk from producers. »

least is more

In addition to the “technical” simplification of the purchase of bulk wine, GR.APP promises to reduce costs to the consumer through various means. ” Digging a bit into the wine market, I realized that there are many intermediaries between the producer and the consumer.Vincent Goliath explains. Through our application, we increase the purchasing power of the buyer who places his order directly with the product. So the price is less important. On the other hand, with GR.APP, transportation costs have also been reduced. The problem with wine is the cost of transporting it. Wine is heavy and we also see a lot of small transport in this sector. With GR.APP, shipping costs are free, because packages depart from the product from the minimum number of orders placed with it. A number that can start from six boxes of six bottles, that is, the quantity quickly reached through mass purchases.

The idea came from the user’s need, because it is often complicated to manage mass purchases of wine from winegrowers.

Vicnent Gallot, founder of GR.APP

30 to 50 products at launch

In terms of wine selection, the creator explains that the goal is to offer a range wide enough to suit as many tastes as possible. ” We communicate with producers with the idea of ​​a quality option that mixes different regions and all colorsVincent Goliath confirms. We will offer bottles ranging from 5 to 50 euros. We also have a strong value for environmental responsibility and therefore wish to provide products from winegrowers with corporate social responsibility. If the wines and champagnes on offer were to be exclusively French at first, GR.APP would not refrain from opening its wines’ borders to other countries, both in terms of producers and sales. ” We will also try to offer other food products such as canned foods and regional specialties that are not found in supermarkets that can also be offered for group purchase. On the other hand, if the application will not allow you to rate the bottles obtained, Vincent Gallot trusts that it is planned to develop the “social” functions of V2 with special recommendations among friends.

Having required nearly €700,000, this new venture led by serial entrepreneur Vincent Goliath has a ten-person team, including five developers, two people in construction, two in marketing, one in business development at the moment, and two in management. . Currently installed at Webqam corporate headquarters, opposite the Zenith of Saint-Etienne, the team will soon be based in the CA Village of Saint-Etienne.

It is possible to pre-register in the application at this address

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