MPL launched the #SaveOurMissingGirls campaign and partnered with the Missing Link Trust to role-play to raise awareness of human trafficking.

8 bit designs, India’s leading esports and talent management consulting agency, a one-stop customized solutions provider, has launched, Little. The goal is to attract a group of creators of all kinds, working with different experimental media and formats.

Bringing together business and creativity and helping them grow using the best collaboration models, A Bit Extra will offer innovative results-based strategies for influencer marketing, campaign design, brand consulting, and digital marketing, all under one roof. It will also be a continuous upgrade to meet the demands of the industry in the ever-changing consumer world.

8bit Creatives has already established its dominance in the esports sector and has successfully served over 100 major brands including Netflix, LG, Lenovo, amazon prime video, Flipkart and OnePlus.

“While talent management will be part of that, we will focus more on thinking about innovative ways to showcase creators and their sponsors. We understand the expertise of the industry and want to adapt new narratives. We have identified the challenges brands face in their campaigns and will bring the best creative approaches to the table. A Bit will add Extra is the additional elements to help them design niche campaigns and better manage their digital media in a strategic way.” said Animesh Agarwal, founder of 8bit Creatives.

According to Statista, Indians spend an average of 2 hours and 36 minutes per day on social media platforms. This Rs 900 million industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 25% and become a Rs 2,200 million industry by 2025, according to e4m’s 2021 Impact Marketing Report. This growth can help sponsors, innovators, and even consumers.

A Bit Extra undertakes to provide the latest solutions according to the needs of the hour. This company aims to facilitate purposeful investments that allow brands to achieve their commercial, social and environmental goals by collaborating with all types of creators who drive their followers, engagement, perspectives, reach, impressions, and feedback on a significant investment.

The new venture will be among the selected specialized 360-degree service providers in the country. She is currently collaborating with influencers of various genres such as Muskaan Mehra, Nisha Joshi, Rhea Malvi, Pratik Chowdhary and many more.

The rapid shift away from traditional forms of entertainment has led to the growing popularity of influencers in India, resulting in new business opportunities for talent management companies. The industry is booming and pressure is mounting on these service providers to come up with a unique results-focused approach and push them to create their own standard.

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