How do you mine on LinkedIn?

How do you mine on LinkedIn and grow your business from home? How do you know about digital marketing? How does the LinkedIn algorithm work? LinkedIn belongs to Microsoft and allows you to connect with nearly 26 million LinkedIn users who are ready to connect with them, find solutions, share feelings… It is above all a tool for finding a job or hiring, and from now on developing their business and business…

digital communication strategy

Defining your commerce and communication strategy on digital tools requires that you ask yourself and outline your actions to be more visible and readable. To do this, follow these few steps:

  1. Keep an eye on the best ambassadors on LinkedIn, or those who have flagged you with effective LinkedIn emails. Use # to find ideas;
  2. Be visible: profile picture, logo, background banner, short title;
  3. Pay attention to choosing a URL with the name and profession of the company;
  4. Be concise and regular in your posts by creating a professional editorial calendar.
How do you mine on LinkedIn and grow your business from home?  How do you know about digital marketing?
How do you mine on LinkedIn and grow your business from home? How do you know about digital marketing? (free cloth)

Determine the exploration budget

There is a paid version of LinkedIn to go further in features, but also to make your offerings and products known via ads.

The challenge of prospecting is to be proactive as in a communication group by connecting with the decision maker(s), the people who tend to listen to you.

All this will take time. Therefore it must be calculated by comparing it with other forms of excavation. All this is virtuous and complementary to business at trade fairs and think tanks…

There are digital aids to fund your site redesigns, but there are also your social networking projects.

Choose your goal and personality: a typical profile for my contacts

In the free version of LinkedIn, without going into the sales navigator view, you can select the following elements of your professional profile:

  • position, profession;
  • company or companies;
  • Geographical area
  • The network: the first, second and third circles.

Why sign up on LinkedIn? What is a LinkedIn user searching for?

After defining your goal, your market, and your personality, it is critical to maintain your community and establish a permanent link with regular content. You should also continue to grow your audience and the people who follow you and who follow the company page of your structure or employer.

What are the basic steps for finding potential clients on LinkedIn?

It is necessary to work on your offer, and therefore your profile, to pay attention to details: keywords, recommendation, skills, experience, visuals and images.

over here 5 main steps To improve your LinkedIn profile to attract the curious:

  1. Put a full description that makes you want to communicate (emojis too);
  2. Profile optimization: select the main keywords related to your field of activity, which will appear in the LinkedIn algorithm and it will be nice to read them;
  3. Write posts that answer questions and issues about your character: thus interesting written and video content;
  4. Intelligently expand your network by choosing your contacts (look at LinkedIn’s SSI, LinkedIn’s Social Score Indicator);
  5. Engage in conversations in relevant and trending posts and share content in groups.

What tools are needed to explore and grow your business on LinkedIn?

To be successful, you need to clearly define goals (number of contacts and conversion rate) to see how many people are ordering each day.

This will give you Keys to understanding which tools to use and choosing Ask yourself: What is it? Market advantages ? What is my market? What is the need for the meeting? What are the target horizons? what is it arguments sales According to the profiles I request?

The product is often you more than the solution, service, or product in a physical sense.

Create a LinkedIn Business Account

Creating a LinkedIn B2B social network company page takes time to put in the right information. As such it takes less than 5 minutes. To do this, click on the Products icon at the top right of the file LinkedIn homepage. Scroll down and tap Create a LinkedIn Page. select file Page type that you wish to create, in our case a “company”.

Asking and following each target person is often a long and tedious process. There are solutions to help you visit the profile (demonstrate an interest), request to become a contact, then exchange via email, all for free on LinkedIn.

Once the LinkedIn connection request has been submitted and accepted, it’s time to start a conversation with the prospect. Here is an example of a string of 3 messages:

  1. Message of thanks.
  2. A message in which I share high-quality content with my potential;
  3. A message where I tangibly present to him what we are doing and what we can offer him.

There are many solutions, including a very interesting and intuitive one. Anyway, time and patience are your allies once you want to take action.

prospecting tips

Don’t forget to connect your leads and contacts with CRM

A customer management tool called CRM will allow you to keep track of the history of exchanges (phone, email, etc.), ongoing services if work has been carried out, or follow the steps to conclude your contract 🙂

Consider the LinkedIn newsletter, a new choice for 2022

Everyone can discover, read and share files LinkedIn Newsletter On their media walls, in the mail. LinkedIn members can also subscribe to it thus enhancing your expertise and solutions 🙂 All of this promotes a unique, useful and deep content strategy.

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