▷ Is LinkedIn (still) good for finding a job in 2022?

Having recently plunged into a job search for a recruitment company’s web project, I wondered if LinkedIn is still a viable solution to finding a job…

LinkedIn is a professional online social network created in 2002 in Mountain View, California. Its ecosystem depends on having both candidates and recruiters on the same network. Sprinkle it all with professional connections, marketing tips, and relationships, and you’ve got one of the biggest social networks of our time.

Now, the question arises whether this giant still allows you to find a job. For how long and with what effort, and above all under what conditions?

I will try to answer that in this article (which risks smoking in the comments) with all objectivity. And in conclusion, I may recommend other platforms or ways to find your dream job!

1- Some stats for LinkedIn in 2022

Nothing is more reliable than numbers to start an analysis about the usefulness of a site, application or social network…

And for this, I will rely on the very good article by Mathieu Laverre.

LinkedIn in 2022 is:

  • 810 million members LinkedIn.
  • more 200 countries and regions in the world ;
  • more 57 million companies ;
  • And the 120,000 schools listed there.

The app also leans towards 1 billion members by 2025. This makes it possible to view continuous upward growth which reassures us regarding the usefulness of the training in this application to apply or find employment.

2- How does the job search process on LinkedIn work?

The second thing to consider about a job search on LinkedIn is the ease with which companies can connect with candidates and vice versa.

Unlike other platforms, the LinkedIn social network, as its name suggests, is a network, not a showcase.

Therefore, it is easy for both parties to exchange, discuss and put a little human at the center of their job search. Which I find impossible in other circumstances.

We can even go so far as to send an audio message or a short video clip in a private message to impress the recruiter, isn’t that cute?

Job search is also facilitated through LinkedIn’s “Job” section. Even if the offers sponsored by ” where ” France Full You get involved in the research in a particular sector, it remains very easy and intuitive for the generations who have not grown up with a smartphone in their hands.

3- The many advantages of searching for a job on LinkedIn

We must realize that LinkedIn is very useful for searching for a company or its employees.

I have always recommended candidates to do a thorough analysis of the industry first, and then go into the details of their dream job: Who is the recruiter?who are the future co-workers, what are the company’s values ​​…

Here is a small comprehensive list of reasons why you might want to spend every day on LinkedIn to find work:

  • Conduct research on life in the company;
  • search for recruits;
  • identifying future co-workers;
  • Exchange directly by message (see video or audio);
  • Play with the spread of the network to increase the visibility of the application (Video, post, audio… be original!) ;
  • The social network will not disappear tomorrow, so creating a network on it is a permanent decision;
  • Utilizing previous professional relationships as a referral (Evidence social by sharing the app).

4- Other ways to find workwithout LinkedIn)

To compare the commitment to a job search on LinkedIn, there are many other solutions.

Go through a recruitment company, an app, or other sites and platforms like Indeed or Monster…

The trend in recent years is really the specialization of websites and apps. Some sites such as Webmarketing & c’om also have a file Dedicated space for job offers.

This is a very common practice in the digital field, but it is also in other sectors such as health, business or real estate…

To wrap up this reflective article, we can say yes, Linkedin is still a good way to find a job. However, with the proliferation of niche apps and websites, quick and efficient recruitment can also be done on these platforms.

You also shouldn’t get rid of unwanted ordering. A friend of mine was recently hired for a data analyst position after submitting an unsolicited application. It’s good that this method of operation is still valid. I would even say that this ability to impose fate, create opportunity for yourself through your own persuasion and toughness skills is the most enjoyable.

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