Isabel Delphine, or the art of delivering a high-quality online experience

Isabel Delphine He has been in the marketing field for nearly 20 years. But his passion for marketing is not new! After I started in polling company lightthen went to Health and Safety SPIWhere she holds management positions. Over the past ten years, she has had the opportunity to work on multiple projects. I have already invested in digital marketing, events, branding and communications.

Having been actively involved in the digital transformation of the company you’re hiring, I’ve been able to see a team of marketers grow there by leaps and bounds. Very passionate about digital, Isabella She has also perfected herself in this field in top schools like HEC and Harvard Business School.

Building on the culture of innovation, exchange and openness, Isabella He likes to form teams of professionals who do not hesitate to share their knowledge, during exchanges and workshops, for example. She firmly believes in the usefulness of questioning the status quo and always pushing boundaries, by challenging each other.

Let’s learn more about his approach, background, and vision for e-commerce.

AMQ – I’ve been in the B2B sector for nearly 20 years. What are the characteristics of customers in this sector?
Isabelle –
Whether it’s B2B or B2C, we all agree we’re talking to an individual. This person has his own tastes, expectations, opinions, etc. She expects to be able to make her daily life easier, no matter what task she has to accomplish.

As marketing professionals, we must start from this premise. We need to understand who our customer is (personality) and how they buy. It is also our role to understand how our company can simplify the purchasing decision. When we understand it correctly, it is more likely to turn to us.

AMQ – We talk a lot about the boom in online commerce in recent months (and years). What is the impact in B2B?
Isabelle –
In B2B, the buying process can sometimes be more complicated. Depending on the size of the company, it is common to see multiple people and sometimes committees involved in the final decision. This means that if you have sales teams in the field, your colleagues must deploy strategies for creating inter-departmental relationships in order to strengthen business relationships with various stakeholders.

We should also mention that since the arrival of e-commerce, the role of actors has evolved into advisory roles. Clients are better equipped to conduct their own research on the web. They now turn to actors when they are no longer able to find what they are looking for.

Therefore the expertise of representatives and customer relationship centers is more appreciated than ever because they are able to provide real advice to clients and have an influence on the final decision. After that, it is up to the customer to choose his purchase method and this is according to his level of comfort. It can be phone, web and catStore purchase, etc.

However, e-commerce is growing rapidly, whether in the B2B or B2C industry. No matter where the customer comes from, they are now more demanding when trying to fill a need. It should be noted that the epidemic has accelerated the adoption of e-commerce and the adoption of purchasing behaviors by customers in their professional and personal lives. So companies have no other choice but to adapt to this new trend towards buying autonomy.

E-commerce remains an essential strategy for companies that want to increase customer retention. By offering B2B functionality such as creating custom listings, and accessing pricing structure based on purchase volume and type of connections punch out, it is possible to create a simplified experience. This will create a unique experience that will have an impact on the longevity of your customer relationships.

AMQ – Tell us more about the Punchout solution and its benefits.
Isabelle –
for example, SPI carried out a solution punch out for one of its main clients. This tool allows customers who use it to shop online on our website, from their internal purchasing system.

The benefit of this business-friendly solution is to enable an engaging visual and e-commerce experience with the link to the standard purchasing process.

This strategy also makes it possible to extend the use of this solution to many users of the same company and thus create opportunities for growth.

AMQ – What other factors can help increase B2B e-commerce revenue? ISABELLE – In terms of digital marketing, it is important to consider segmentation and personalization. We know that niche, region, and industry are often targeted criteria by companies in order to deploy more accurate content strategies. Furthermore, we can’t talk enough about the importance of the data! Many of my colleagues on the board of directorsMarketing Association It can say a lot about it.

Marketing teams’ success often starts with a willingness to try and test! As the saying goes, “What gets measured gets better!” Do not be afraid and dare to put your ideas into action.

Starting from a premise can be a start to a great result!

AMQ – Thank you Isabel! In conclusion, I have been a member of the Qatar Museums Authority Board of Directors as Vice President of Volunteers for two years now. What prompted you to join the association?
Isabelle – You choose to joinAMQ Because I believe in the power of the team and the power of the network. Many of us are passionate about marketing and it is through our passion that the greatest achievements appear.

through missionAMQ “Inspiration, Sharing and Connecting” and in my role as Vice President of Volunteers, I hope to be able to facilitate exchanges among those who are willing to participate, share, learn from others and enhance our expertise. We recently welcomed many new volunteers into the association. Some have several years of experience and others are out of school but have one thing in common: a passion for their field. I take advantage of this forum to greet and thank all our volunteers!

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