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The Marketing strategy It is the cornerstone of any company’s development and major companies have understood this principle. Therefore, they invest heavily to stand out from the competition. The reality is quite different for intermediary companies, which have a limited communications budget. Besay is the partner of reference for small and medium-sized enterprises. And for good reason, this service provider provides small and medium-sized businesses Online drawing and printing service completeAnd the High quality and preferential price. This is made possible by an innovative production process. Discover the main Bizay services.

Besai: Graphic Design Service

Bizay graphic design service is an innovation in online print. provides companies with an impressive catalog ofReady-to-use presentation printouts. There are customizable templates for business cards, brochures, promotional tools, packaging, etc.

All you have to do is choose a template, modify the fonts, choose different colors, add your logo, to match your brand’s graphic charter or business identity. It is also possible to use the services of Bizay designers: graphic customization of forms, logo designs, Assistance in selecting the most appropriate materials.

It should be noted that it is possible to send your own files for modification and printing. Bizay tools are proven. They can be used to implement an effective advertising campaign or simply to present the main characteristics of the company. They exist for all sectors of activity: hotels, restaurants, industry, distribution, business services, etc.

Besai: High Quality Online Printing Service

Bizay makes it easy for small and medium businesses to access files The best digital printing technology. The production technique used is that of mass prints. The prints are made from four-color offset systems. This is a guarantee of accuracy, performance and irreplaceable quality.

Prints can be made on any type of backing: textiles, coated papers, cardboard, office supplies, stationery, technology tools, displays, merchandise, etc. Bizay also relies on timing. Requests are processed within very short lead times. The customer can follow the different stages of the process online in real time.

This service provider’s main asset is definitely Really competitive prices. The prices offered are probably the lowest in the market. In addition to attractive prices, this provider offers attractive discounts. It often organizes promotions on all its services. One of the added values ​​is Delivery Service. This is valid for a minimum period of 48 hours and varies according to the urgency required by the customer.

Payzai’s mission is to help small and medium businesses promote themselves. It provides the latter with qualitative online design and print solutions to define marketing campaigns. Quantities of at least 500 or 1000 pieces of business cards are processed in the shortest possible time, making the production cost low, to obtain excellent results. Here’s what you need to know

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