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Côc Côc offers many features that are convenient for the Vietnamese people. Photo: baodautu.vn

Hanoi (VNA) – Côc Côc is a Vietnamese startup best known for its eponymous web browser and search engine, which competes with Google in the national territory. Since its inception, I have stuck to my motto of “Make the Vietnamese people happier by maximizing the potential of the digital world” and “Users foremost”.

Côc Côc was created by three students: Nguyên Thanh Binh, Lê Van Thanh, and Nguyên Duc Ngoc. What do they have in common? They were studying in Russia and wanted to provide the Vietnamese with an optimized search engine.

“In 2008, the three of us, who were in our last year at Moscow University, had the idea of ​​creating a search engine on the Internet for the Vietnamese. During our study, we saw the rapid development of the Internet, so that only Google could not respond to all search requests. So we decided to develop A research tool in Vietnam,” Le Van Thanh recalls.

In the same year, the three engineers returned to Vietnam to survey the local market and search for potential investors. In 2010, the Itim company was born. Three years later, the Côc Côc search engine and the Co Rôm web browser were born, Co Rôm being a Vietnamese one-syllable parody of Google Chrome. Today, Côc Côc is the common denominator of the community, search engine and browser. Desiring to “make the Vietnamese people happier by making the most of the potential of the digital world,” the creators of Côc Côc claim to have designed it according to the habits and behaviors of Vietnamese netizens. Nguyên Vu Anh, CEO of Côc Côc, wants to be more specific.

“Côc Côc is a navigation and search tool built in the spirit of the ‘Make in Vietnam’ movement. It now has more than 25 million users, mainly in Vietnam. We strive to serve them better, to give them better experiences. Concretely, Côc Côc allows them to open pages Web faster, more effective ads execution and download videos more easily. It’s also a safe way. Côc Côc protects its users and helps them protect themselves, by telling them which page is safe and which is not. It assures that when every user gets this reaction to protect himself always The online environment will be safer for all Vietnamese.”

In Vietnam, Côc Côc is one of Google’s most popular competitors. According to Nikkei Asia, this all-Vietnamese search engine is taking up more and more space in its fight, on the national territory, with the American giant. ComScore, an American advertising analytics company, reports that in a short period of time, Côc Côc has achieved impressive growth. In fact, just two years after its introduction, Côc Côc became the second most used web browser in Vietnam, right after Google Chrome. In fact, two months after its launch in May 2013, Côc Côc was among the top five most popular browsers in Vietnam. In the first half of 2014, it overtook Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, and in September by Mozilla Firefox to become the second most used browser in the country. At the beginning of 2015, the company received an investment of $ 14 million from the German group Hubert Burda Media, one of the largest telecommunications and Internet groups in Europe, with 10,000 employees. This group owns 82 magazines in Germany and another 229 abroad. At the end of 2015, Côc Côc browser exceeded the number of 18.2 million users. It is now the only Vietnamese product among the country’s favorite browsers, according to a report conducted in the second quarter of 2021 by Decision Lab, a market analysis firm based in Ho Chi Minh City. Côc Côc Browser was one of the top ten digital products in the Make in Vietnam Award 2021. In the same year, it received four awards under the São Khoi Prize, in the digital content categories; Confidentiality of the information ; education and training; Advertising, marketing and digital communication. Today, it’s still the only browser with features dedicated exclusively to Vietnamese, says one of its developers, Lê Van Thanh.

Coc Coc Vietnamese Google hinh anh 2Nguyên Vu Anh, CEO of Côc Côc. Photo: coccoc.com

“Our advantage is that we set up our company in Vietnam and the vast majority of our IT professionals are Vietnamese. We understand better than anyone else the needs of our citizens.

Lê Van Thanh and his colleagues often repeat Côc Côc’s motto: “Making the Vietnamese people happier by maximizing the potential of the digital world” and “Users foremost”. These two slogans mean that all Côc Côc products and functions, as well as the company’s strategic plans, have been developed and developed in accordance with changes in the habits and behaviors of Vietnamese Internet users. Côc Côc Browser provides its users with the fast download of IDM, and it performs automatic spelling corrections, allowing to increase the typing speed between 20 and 50%. The search engine, for its part, allows to convert units of measurement, see foreign exchange rates and … to translate sentences from English to Vietnamese. Some of its users find that Côc Côc translates to Vietnamese better than Google Translate.

“I don’t speak Vietnamese yet and I am very happy that Côc Côc browser helps me with spelling errors. When I learned it was a Vietnamese tech product, I was very proud. I think we Vietnamese should support the tech products,” said Le Thi Quynh Trang, a Vietnamese living in Ukraine. Vietnamese”.

Côc Côc does not intend to stop in such a good way. Its computer engineers work tirelessly to provide better features and experiences to Vietnamese users. – VOV / VNA

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