Aldi distributes its digital volume on milk cartons

ALDI It is the first Belgian retailer to make it easy to access its digital publication via QR codes on milk cartons. the reasons ? Cost management and sustainability.

Scan the milk carton

Soon, Aldi customers will be able to scan the QR code on milk cartons to easily read the digital volume. Thus Aldi would like to control the increasing costs of producing and distributing the brochure and to become more sustainable. The symbol appears first on three milk cartons: whole, reduced fat and skimmed. After all, milk is widespread: 25% of the milk sold in Belgium comes from Aldi.

The retailer plans to aggressively support the new initiative with communication campaigns in the coming months. “For us, this is a test project,” says Isabel Hendrick, Director of Marketing. “This requires a change in behavior on the part of our customers. It’s hard to predict. But we hope we can make the transition. We certainly won’t remove the actual folder, but we hope to gradually reduce it over time. This will be a long process, as Aldi has not set specific goals or deadlines.” .

On every customer’s table

Today, Aldi already has a flyer that can be found on the website, the app, and on the online brochure platforms. It looks like an actual folder and contains some digital tricks, such as animations, videos or links to additional product information, but its reach is still not enough: only 10% of Belgians read the digital brochure. “We want to reach every customer at the kitchen table.”

Henderick emphasizes that the post is and remains Aldi’s most important communication tool. It has a huge impact on sales and is also an important information channel for customers. In addition, the Aldi flyer is the most famous and popular in the country. “We distribute 4.4 million flyers per week, through door-to-door and in-store distribution. He was voted File of the Year three years in a row, with a Professional Jury Award in 2021 as well. »

9 out of 10 see posts

An iVox survey commissioned by Aldi showed that nine out of ten Belgians pass through ad folders. 72% do it every week. The main reasons: compare prices, prepare for your next shopping trip, discover promotions and actions. More than half of respondents would like to refer to a digital publication more often if it was more accessible, according to the same survey. That’s why Aldi developed this new solution.

“The flyer protects customers from losing their purchasing power,” Hendrick explains. But we face great challenges. Energy and paper prices continue to rise. Distribution costs are also great. The typical Belgian phenomenon is municipal taxes. These are the costs that Aldi wants to control, while sustainability is also a challenge. Although it is a difficult balancing act, the debit instrument has used less and less paper over the years.

keeping up

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Aldi is the first Belgian retailer to make digital flyers more accessible with QR codes on milk cartons. the reasons ? Cost management and sustainability.

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