Google Analytics 4 – More Than SEO [Podcast]

Over the past few episodes, we’ve discussed the effects of SEO and organic tracking for moving from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4, but how does GA 4 help with paid campaigns, affiliate campaigns, Google ads, campaign tracking with IDs, etc.?

Krista Seiden of KS Digital and former Vice President of Quantcast joined me at the SEJ Show to discuss the benefits and benefits of GA 4 for paid campaigns as well as other opportunities that digital marketers will encounter with Google Analytics UA timeout.

One of the misconceptions is that this product doesn’t exist anymore, I wanted a little and say it is constantly evolving, and that a lot of new things are coming out. So take the time to learn how to use the tool and understand what’s really there. – Krista Seiden, 4:55


Don’t expect your data to be exactly the same between UA and GA4. So, even things like sessions and number of users will be different because GA4 calculates these things in different ways than Universal Analytics. – Krista Seiden, 44:41

I don’t think the deadline will change. I would suggest taking this seriously. If you don’t start moving now, you probably won’t be able to pull your data for a year to GA4. The faster you implement it, the more historical data you will have in GA4 for comparison. – Krista Seiden, 22:09

[00:00] About Krista and her internal Google Analytics experience.
[03:23] Common misconceptions about GA4.
[05:20] – Is there more customization with GA4?
[07:10] – Frequencies with conversion.
[08:42] – New feature releases with GA4.
[12:57] Why create reports with GA4 if you can use Google Data Studio?
[16:08] How does GA4 relate to the GDPR?
[19:33] – Transition differences with the GA360 and GA4360.
[24:30] – What to expect with GA4.
[26:18] Can you better define live traffic with GA4?
[27:22] – Changes affecting PPC.
[30:53] Differences between goals and conversions.
[34:15] – The reason why the data retention period is only 2 months by default in GA4.
[35:18] – Recommendations to start using GA4.
[41:04] Would you recommend Krista to come back?

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It’s good that we now have this ability to customize the GA4 user interface. So, for example, we can choose which reports are shown or not shown to people in our organizations. – Krista Seiden, 5:44

GA4 is more privacy-focused than Universal Analytics. – Christa Seiden, 16:41

I’m sure there will be a lot of people waiting until the last minute. So don’t wait until the last minute. Like we said, if anything, go ahead and drop this tag on your site now. – Lauren Baker, 49:18

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Krista Seiden is an experienced and intelligent analytics leader who has led teams at Adobe and Google. In addition, she has led improvement initiatives for companies such as The Apollo Group and Quantcast. As an expert in analysis and optimization methodology, she has become one of the most sought-after consultants in the field.

Her experience led her to launch KS Digital, an analytics consulting firm in 2019, that helps companies improve digital marketing and analytics investments.

Besides being dedicated and hardworking, she also contributes occasional guest posts to top industry publications such as the Google Analytics Blog. When you’re not working, you love to travel as much as possible!

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