Biography of Clement Corcel, founder of Digicomarket

Age is not a hindrance, it is a strength This is the lesson learned by Clément Corcel, a young 18-year-old entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial adventure began in 2020. At that time, he was only 16 years old. Two years later, he became one of the youngest French leaders and is the president of de Digicomarket, a digital marketing agency based in Lille.

Big Media: What made you start your first company at just 16 years old?

Clement Corcel : At 15 I had already developed a website where I was affiliated with Amazon, meaning I sent people to their site for a commission. At first, I did it in my corner. Then one day, I showed my site to a businessman who advised me to offer my services to companies. Very quickly, I learned about business creation and discovered digital marketing which immediately amazed me. Then I received training and worked with companies in my area to gain experience. Since it works so well, I decided to launch my chest, 1Verse October 2020.

BM: How do you manage the relationship with your clients while you’re still in high school?

Copy : At first, my age was what bothered me the most. It wasn’t easy telling business leaders, who have 20 years of experience, that I’d be growing their visibility at 16. They looked at me a little from the sides. For a brief period until today, I hid my age. But everything changed after my first interview with La Voix du Nord. I received over fifty calls the day the article came out. They have all come from business leaders who are curious to know how a 16-year-old young manager works. Moreover, if I have a message to pass on to young people who want to take off in entrepreneurship, it is that age is not a hindrance, on the contrary, a strength!

BM: How did you manage to connect your career and school?

Copy : Having to combine professional life, school life and private life at the age of 16 is very complicated. At first, I had to get up at six in the morning to go to class, and in the evening I finish my work as an entrepreneur. In general, I wasn’t in bed before 2 or 3 in the morning, and I started again the next day! For a year, I slept very little and no longer had a social life, no weekends, nothing more… But in January 2021, thanks to my business growth, I was able to integrate a space of co-working between school and my home, which allowed me to manage My time better.

BM: What are your goals for Digicomarket?

Copy : Right now, I want to push the agency to the limit so that it can make a name for itself in the world of digital marketing and support more companies. Therefore, I have to recruit more people, because today I’m still on my own full time, even if dozens of providers help me from time to time.
Finally, if we’re planning long-term, I’d like to look internationally. But before that, Digicomarket must succeed in carving out a real place for itself in the industry.

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