Your father-in-law continues to grow

Many talents joined crap In recent months to strengthen its various departments and support its growth.

Lynn Poitras Join the media team as a project manager, Just in time to be part of a trip to the Dominican Republic. Graduated from Laval University in Consumer Sciences, flexible This is not his first website. While she was designing an app in her spare time to locate blueberry fields in Quebec, flexible I worked as a junior UX/UI designer in another agency before joining crap. as a true leader, flexible Ensures cross-departmental coordination to implement digital campaigns for agency clients.

Adrien Reynder He joined the agency at the end of May as a junior web designer. After completing training in web and multimedia careers, Adrian Go through several training exercises as a Communications Officer or Web Designer at SFI Multimedia in France before winning counties and the hearts of the entire team. Adrian He participates in designing and designing websites for agency clients as well as designing many visuals for social networks.


Camille Voinet She has already found her place in the team she has been a part of since March as a digital media analyst. Camille Responsible for creating and managing digital campaigns, particularly on Google Ads (SEA) and Facebook Ads (SMM). She is pursuing a master’s degree in e-commerce at HEC Montréal in parallel with her position at crap. Always ready to help colleagues, Camille He invests in agency life as much as he invests in student life as a volunteer at a tax clinic or by participating in a freshman sponsorship program.


Laurence Desjardins He also joined the ranks of the media department at the same time as an analyst, to the delight of the entire team. fixed power movable, Lawrence He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is continuing his studies with an MBA in Digital Marketing. This great web enthusiast is particularly interested in, and appreciates, responsible, ethical and sustainable marketing Lawrence He shares with his agency colleagues: “I love the human side of the job as well as the amazing team behind it crap“.


The content team also welcomed in March Pauline Lamirante as editor. Freelance volunteer or intern in various newsrooms while completing a master’s degree in communication, Paulina She also tried her hand at coordinating in visual effects studios when she arrived in Montreal. Her passion for writing led her to an agency where she definitely fell in love with the world of content marketing. Paulina He is now responsible for crap Writing blog articles and advertisements and collaborating with different departments.

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