Who will you have the chance to meet at MTL connecte 2022?

Fourth Edition of MTL connect: Montreal Digital Week Organized by Digital Spring from October 15-23, 2022, face to face in the 7 Fingers (Montreal) and can be accessed online.

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MTL connect It questions current trends with programming that is geared towards digital desirable technology, wealth generation and resilience for our ecosystems.

It remains the main constant change for this latest epidemic. Adaptation, modification, and transformation to suit a turbulent reality, questioning our thinking patterns and perspectives. This crisis has launched a collective process of unprecedented scope for solutions. Inevitably, some of the answers came from digital. The theme of ECO (Systèmes) d’Espoir is an invitation to imagine the actions that must be undertaken collectively. This central theme will be explored in six themes:

  • artificial intelligence
  • culture and creativity
  • Cyber ​​security and digital identity
  • disruptive innovation
  • Flexibility and the future of the city
  • Education and the work of tomorrow

Check out 6 of the 2022 speakers:

  • Hugo Bersini – AI Subject: Founding member of FARI, the new Artificial Intelligence Institute for the Common Good, Huggs is also Director of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Free University of Brussels. Member of the Royal Belgian Academy, and author of several books including Big brother leads you And the Artificial Intelligence in Practice with Python.
  • Cheryl Price Culture and Creativity Theme: Cheryl is a member of the Songhees Nation, with over 18 years of experience managing First Nations lands. She is a community researcher and diet educator at Kwetlal (snub) of the Songhees First Nation. For Cheryl and Songhees First Nation, the island’s forests and ecosystems are not only natural but also cultural, with an association going back to time immemorial.
  • Bronwyn Boyle Cybersecurity and Digital Identity: Bronwyn is on the list of Most Influential Women in Cybersecurity and FinTech. An IT security expert, she has over 20 years of experience in technology and security in financial services. She led risk management and governance programs, among others at Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group and 10x Future Technologies.
  • Dr. Shohini Gus Disruptive Innovations Subject: Quantum physicist and professor of physics and computer science at Wilfrid Laurier University, Shohini is a TED Senior Fellow and a member of the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scientists and Innovators in Art and Science. In 2019, she was one of the 25 Distinguished Scientists worldwide.
  • Sinami coffee Agbodjino The theme of resilience and the future of the city: Togolese anthropologist and architect Senami Kofi Agbodjeno founded the HubCité project, which gives residents of Lomé, Togo, the possibility to reclaim their urban space. He is also the creator of WoeLabs: a network of Togolese tech hubs that aspire to make everyone equal in the face of digital technology.
  • Isabel Colette Education and Tomorrow’s Work: Professor of Education Sciences at the University of Geneva works on the issue of gender in technology. published digital oblivion He founded the magazine sex, education and training. Isabel Colette leads the team: Gender – Cross Relationships, Pedagogical Relationship. Trained as a computer scientist, she is also an honorary member of the Société Informatique de France.

Check out 6 companies you may come across:

  1. accionable Specializes in sustainable and responsible AI consulting. Their mission is to help companies create sustainable value using AI in a responsible manner, with a positive and measurable impact on their business and society as a whole.
  2. wittycloud It is an online community for marketing professionals. Their mission is to help thousands of entrepreneurs, SMEs, nonprofits, and major brands discover amazing ideas and connect with the best innovators.
  3. KPMG is a global network of auditing and consulting firms. With more than 40 offices in Canada, the organization operates in several business sectors such as construction, energy, retail, media and communications.
  4. Digital kids, savvy entrepreneurs, passionate engineers or aspiring innovators, Desjardins Caisse des Technologies de l’Information Is there to support everyone at every stage of your financial life.
  5. Google Cloud It offers a range of solutions to businesses and provides standard cloud-based services, such as information storage, computation, translation and forecasting applications.
  6. Deloitte It is a multinational company and the first of the four largest networks of global audit and advisory firms. Deloitte is the brand under which tens of thousands of dedicated professionals from independent companies around the world collaborate to provide financial advice and risk management.

MTL connectan international event, represented by the origin of its participants (38% of participants outside Canada in 2021) and its delegations, such as:

  • Wallonia (Belgium) in partnership with AWEX (Walloon Agency for Export and Foreign Investment) | Digital Wallonia
  • Porto-Novo (Benin) in cooperation with the City of Porto-Novo and the City of Montreal;
  • Chile in cooperation with Prochile – General Directorate for Export Promotion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile;
  • Nantes (France) in partnership with Nantes Métropole and Nantes St-Nazaire Development;
  • Martinique in partnership with Martinique Tech and Dom Can Bridge Consulting;
  • Madagascar.
  • Togo, in association with Les entreprises Big Success Fortune Inc. ;
  • Tunisia in partnership with RTCA – the Tunisian-Canadian Business Network;
  • Senegal, country of honor for the 2022 edition;
  • Morocco with Cri de Marrakech-Safi, a Moroccan agency for regional economic development;
  • Brazil in cooperation with the city of São Paulo;
  • delegation of economic operators of French-speaking African countries;
  • Quebec is represented by Laval, Montérégie, Technovation and RDÉE Canada – Network for Economic Development and Employment.

Why not invite your teams and colleagues to join you in this rewarding experience together?!

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