Santa Clara, California – (work wire) – OMNIVISION, one of the world’s leading developers of semiconductor solutions, including advanced digital-analog imaging and touch and display technology, today announced the OVB0A, one of the world’s smallest 200-megapixel image sensors. The pixel size is only 0.56 µm. OVB0A is designed for the main rear cameras (wide angle) of high-end smartphones. With its unique 16-cell assembly capability, the OVB0A image sensor provides the best low-light performance. It also features 100% quad-phase detection (QPD) for superior AF.

“We have not compromised on high performance with the smaller matrix size of the OVB0A image sensor. In fact, the OVB0A’s 0.56 μm pixel is not only the world’s first smaller than the wavelength of red light, but its QPD performance and quantum efficiency (QE) also reflect that of the OVB0B-based image sensor.” 0.61 micrometers in visible light “By leveraging PureCel®Plus-S stacked chip technology, we can maintain extremely high resolution at the smallest pixel size of 0.56 micrometers, packing 200 million pixels into the form factor,” said Arun Jayasilan, Senior Director of Product Marketing, OMNIVISION. Optical 1: 1.4 in.

The OVB0A sensor’s selective shift gain strikes an optimal balance between low-light image quality and high dynamic range (HDR). This allows smartphone hardware manufacturers to improve HDR performance to compare the light and dark areas of a scene. The image sensor also uses a 16-cell assembly to achieve 12.5MP/4K video capture at 120 frames per second (fps). Up to 12.5 MP / 4K at 60 fps with HDR sync with 2 exposures; The on-chip Remosaic feature enables 8K video and 2X crop zoom (with HDR) at 12.5MP.

The OVB0A image sensor supports dual CPHY, DPHY and DOVDD (1.8V and 1.2V). Samples will be available in the fourth quarter of 2022. Contact an OMNIVISION sales representative for more information:

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