EISA Maestro 2022 Photography Prize: French photographer Jean-Baptiste Bellerin winning!


On the sidelines of the EISA 2022 Awards in various product categories, the association awards the EISA Maestro Awards to the Best Photographers of the Year. And French Jean-Baptiste Bellerin is the winner of the competition.

The EISA Maestro Award is one of the most coveted photography competitions for photographers. It offers a unique opportunity to be published in major photo magazines in Europe and even all over the world. Each EISA member country has the possibility to submit one candidate per country. This year is the theme of joy (happy) It was he who motivated the paparazzi and it was the “colt” Jean-Baptiste Bellerin, aka Backtestere, a representative of France, who won first prize. Congratulations to him!

Jean-Baptiste Pellerin, winner of the EISA Maestro 2022

© Jean-Baptiste Bellerin

Maestro 2022 – Jean-Baptiste Bellerin (France)

Freelance professional photographer and documentary director, Jean-Baptiste Bellerin, has worked for several magazines. For more than twenty years, he practiced the so-called “stolen photo“In Paris, but also during his travels. After a shooting break and making two documentaries, he returned to his camera to interview the refugees who were camping near his house, under the La Chapelle metro station in Paris. The camp, there was no doubt that people were filmed without their knowledge, so it was He has to learn to compose with the photograph taken. After the camp was evacuated, in June 2015, it was natural for him to head to “street image“.

→ https://backtothestreet.com
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© Jean-Baptiste Bellerin

2nd place – Caroline Ellington (UK)

Caroline Ellington started photography a long time ago, when she was a childcare worker. She depicted the children’s daily adventures so that their parents could see what they were doing while they were at work. It wasn’t until after the birth of her fourth child that she really learned to use the camera properly. Today, she shoots for her happiness, but also captures for others a special moment that they want to immortalize and that they want to remember. She loves to photograph what makes her happy. It can be very impulsive, for example, if the light is especially beautiful that evening. This is usually the deciding factor, if the light is good you can’t go wrong.

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→ https://www.carolineallingtonphotography.com

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© Caroline Allington

3rd – Saeed Mukherjee (India)

Happy Mukherjee worked as an economics teacher for over ten years before dedicating herself to photography full time. His works have been awarded and exhibited in more than sixty countries. She was also voted Best Photographer in sixteen different national and international photography competitions. She has received more than 450 awards for her work all over the world and her photos have appeared in magazines cheeseAnd the smart photographyAnd the camera lensAnd the Asian PhotographyNewspaper times (UK) and many more.

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© Saeed Mukherjee

Audience Award – Kony Muller (Germany)

For many years, Loni Muller had a close relationship with the German travel circus Probst. As part of her day job as a Marketing Director, she has collaborated with this circus many times in the past. This is how this 67-year-old amateur photographer from Essen witnessed the closure of this family business for a year and a half during the Covid-19 crisis in Germany. This year I learned that the circus hosted 15 artists from Ukraine who had fled their country at the start of the war. These refugees are now part of their squad, working and traveling with the band and performing in front of Connie Muller’s camera. After all, that smile you’ll see on their faces isn’t just for onlookers. It is above all an expression of joy, because these artists can finally perform again.

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See you next year at the 2023 edition of the EISA Maestro Prize.

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