Back to school before the time of the little influencers

In front of the swarm of pens, Lily, 14, pulled out two blonde quilts, hesitating which model she would choose for her 3 passinge. “We can’t say… you have a choice at Bureau Vallée!” “,” He pretends to be surprised by his older brother, Gabin, 17 years. Like few true callers, Gabin and Lily praise the merits of the Shepherd in all kinds of sauces. “We have a lot for you, friends: if you bring your calculator … Bureau Vallée takes it back, gives you 5 euros and gives you a new one!” » By collaborating with the two influential young men, the stationery brand presents itself with a great vision, with 489 000 views in three weeks.

Every year in July, history repeats itself. Hundreds of videos “Back to school” (“Back to School”) YouTube invasion. The concept is simple: go on a “search for school supplies”, according to the established formula, in a patron store designated for the occasion. Armed with their famous school supplies list, Gabin and Lily wander around the shelves of Bureau Vallée, in Saint-Priest-en-Jarez (Loire). The duo collects a community of 926 000 subscribers. Among their competitors, two channels of child influencers dominate the market: Studio Bubble Tea, with 1.82 million subscribers, and Swan & Neo, with at least 6 million.

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Bureau Vallée (who didn’t want to talk) and Cultura are the most mentioned brands in the videos “Back to school”. Brand Maped has also inhaled the right vein. Children make up approximately 20% of their partnerships with influencers. Last year, the company offered Studio Bubble Tea services. Personified by baby influencers Kalys and Athéna, 14 years and 10 Year, the two videos together with Maped collected nearly 915 000 opinions. “We mainly work with the exchange of goods”, Guillaume Chuzo, Director of Digital Communications and Branding at Maped explains.

vs Product placement, children receive free stationery. Videos of child influencers, which yesterday seemed like a hobby – a child recounting his daily life in front of the camera – has, over time, become a job well worth a salary. Realizing that the sector is changing, Guillaume Chauzu believes that developing business contracts will soon become a necessity, which Maped has not yet practiced.

“From the moment you trademark your children’s names, you can no longer talk about entertainment!” Thomas Romer, President of the Monitor for Parenting and Digital Education

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