▷ How to create a technical document from the ground up?

Did you know that white paper white book where eBookIs it the perfect partner for your Inbound Marketing strategy? At the heart of your content marketing, target qualified contacts with a downloadable PDF document of just a few pages to promote your business with your expertise. Creating a white paper from the ground up, the essential lead generator, can’t be improvised! It’s all about methodology…

But what exactly is the white paper?

By definition, a white paper is one of the primary means of communication for a company to express itself as an expert in its field. By revealing this experience, 76% of potential customers are willing to provide information regarding them as well as their contact details in exchange for this premium support, according to a study by DemandGen. When you implement an internal marketing strategy, it is therefore a safe bet and a major lead generator.

Whatever the contact’s maturity stage (visitor, lead, lead, client, ambassador), this informative guide effectively helps transform them.

  • By visiting the site, he is drawn to his attention above all by a technical document with a high added value for download. To access him, he must leave his contact details via a form. This is the beginning of the conversion.
  • Once the contact is established, he or she can access premium support with information that reflects the company’s expertise and can offer products or services;
  • Once a visitor turns into a lead and then into a potential customer, he can at any time become a customer using the company’s services.
  • Ideally, he will become a loyal customer and thus a brand ambassador by sharing the white paper with his contacts.

The white paper, once incorporated into your Inbound Marketing strategy, allows you to:

  • enrich the database of potential customers;
  • publish relevant information to improve the SEO of your web content;
  • Confirm your credibility with Internet users and thus enhance your online reputation;
  • Building customer loyalty.

At first glance, writing the white paper seems complicated, time-consuming and expensive due to the fact that it is very high value-added content in the context of Internal marketing strategy for B2B companies.

However, it’s all about the methodology!

Well structured content

The white paper should be written in a clear and well-organized manner, using Introduction, titles, translations, and conclusion So that readers can get to know the content of the document in a jiffy.

Choose the topic according to the most frequent problems. The information collected also enables the formation of a personal profile. Depending on the dominant interest he expresses in the subject, you will be able to decide which style and tone to adopt to create the white paper. In any case, it should remain informative, as neutral as possible, while conveying the brand image of the company. Remember that the purpose of the e-book is not to directly promote a product or service, but to inform your goal.

In any communication work, including creating a technical document, you need to consider several things:

  • market ;
  • target population;
  • Objectives ;
  • knowledge level
  • Types of information to be published.

Once you have all these elements well defined, you can easily define the structure of the white paper and make a writing plan.

Develop a plan for different stakeholders

The white paper should not be written all at once. It is carried out in collaboration with the marketing team, but also with management to better reflect the editorial line of the brand and present information that brings real added value to readers. The editor then writes each part, which will be validated as it goes, so as not to deviate from the common theme that was set up.

Assign the writing to a professional writer

The choice of the topic is the responsibility of the company according to the centers of interest of the visitors who go to the company’s website. If he does not have an in-house writer, then it is better to entrust the writing to a professional who perfectly masters the secrets of the trade and is able to better understand the topic.

Ensuring attractive and comfortable reading

Phased writing avoids large blocks of text that are unattractive to an Internet user who is always in a hurry. To ensure an engaging and comfortable reading, remember to fan the text and the document in general. In addition, always keep in mind that the visitor remembers the most what he sees thanks to the beautiful images, high-quality images, and also graphs and charts that will be published in the reading. So remember to clarify it as much as possible Facilitating the teaching approach.

As for the length of the white paper. Depending on the content, it usually has 6 to 50+ pages, preferably 10-20 pages. And do not forget to mention the contact details and all information related to the company.

Seek expert advice for specific questions

In terms of content, although the writer is an expert on this topic, it is highly recommended to seek advice from business professionals for technical explanations or for legal issues.

Facilitate access to the white paper

The download time should be reduced as much as possible because this parameter can scare the visitor if he waits too long. Another hurdle: the need to have to fill out a form and leave information that he might consider too personal. But in the end, this really helps sort out the people who are really interested in the brand and who can use the white paper content. So consider improving your call-to-action (CTA) or call-to-action.

To prevent form filling from being too restrictive for the visitor. It should not be too short nor too long, but enough to expand your database, such as the name of the visitor, his ID on your page if he is already subscribed, his email address or phone number.

Now you know what you have to do! It is up to you to find the formula that sets you apart from others right from the start, which can entice visitors and encourage them to download your white paper.

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