Moov Africa Togo offers 11 million CFA francs to 3 start-ups

On Friday, August 13th, telecom operator Moov Africa Togo officially announced the Startup Challenge for Innovative Ventures in Togo. Three of them will be selected to accompany them in their maturity stage.

(siu mag) – to participate in this 1time An edition of the Moov Africa Togo Startup Challenge, it will be necessary to have an innovative, verifiable digital project dating back at least three months. Also, the project must have a strong socio-economic impact with an orderly and reliable economic model.

Move Togo’s General Manager, Abdallah Tabert, explained that the operator, in its corporate social responsibility policy, wants to provide a stimulating and motivating framework for initiators of innovative projects. “We need a challenge and motivation. In Togo, we have a lot of talent and we need motivation to put them a little bit on the right track,” added Mr. Tabert.

Registrations are open until August 28, 2022 on the operator’s website. The challenge will take place in several stages. According to the challenge coordinator, Edde Donna Echry, “It will allow not only funding but also support in terms of training on many topics of interest to startups.” He explained that “the business model, communication about the project, fundraising, presentation success, and exchange of experiences” are among the other topics that the training will focus on. And Edeh Dona Etchri specified that it will also be on topics such as application security, blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and legal protection for projects.

At the end of this support, the startups will have to appear before a jury to present their projects. But first, they will have the support of restructuring the project. The first three will benefit respectively as prizes: six (6) million, (3) three million and (2) two million.

international challenge

“Moov is a pioneer and innovation-oriented company. Encouraging a project like this is part of our DNA, but the rise of digital technologies and the coronavirus has been an accelerating factor,” said Moov Africa Togo, Head of Marketing, Moov Africa Togo.

The operator will take this opportunity to offer the startups the different solutions that it provides to them. The top three finalists will compete with the other winners of the Moov affiliates on the continent, at the end of the National Challenges.

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