Dr. Ibn Taymiyyah Sylla, Casamance is conservative and expert in the digital economy

Recently promoted to Minister, Special Adviser to the President of the Republic, Responsible for the Digital Economy, Dr. Ibn Taymiyyah Sylla, Chairman of the DIISOO Party – Movement for Hope and Development, is well positioned to officially disclose his knowledge and experience at the head of a ministerial department.

Dr. contributed. Sylla significantly, thanks to his great political mobilization last July 24, in the landslide victory of the grand presidential coalition, BBY, on the evening of the July 31 legislative elections in Compintum County.

For those who know Dr. Sylla, his appointment to the position of President of the Republic was by no means a surprise given the professional experience he has gained in various multinational companies operating in the high-tech field.

His patriotism was shown when he said after his appointment: “For me, serving Senegal is an exercise of pleasure and honor, because it allows me to make available to this country, which saw me born, more than thirty years of experience gained in the NICTs”.

NICTs, the strategic “lung” of progress and development for any country looking to the path of ascent; Due to global challenges, the digital economy department is in dire need of skills. Which requires skills that the Minister Counselor, Dr. Ibn Tamiya Sylla, does not lack.

Dr. Silla, an engineer by profession, is one of the few blacks to sit on technical committees for standards like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Zigbee. To do so, seeing him become director general of a large state structure or even a minister would be well deserved for this native intellectual of a large Almoravid family of Compantum who spoke several languages ​​such as French, English or Arabic.

Ibn Taymiyyah Sylla graduated from the Polytechnic College in Montreal, Canada:
– MSc in Spatial Electronics and PhD in Microelectronics Wireless option.
Expert in the new “Internet of Things” technology.

Dr. Ibn Taymiyyah Sylla started his career as a research assistant in Poly-Grames (Advanced Research Group in Microwaves and Space Electronics) at the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal. Having studied there and developed many pedagogical and communication skills, he continued his career in Europe.

This is how he was recruited by the Philips Strategic Research Laboratory (NaatLab) in Eindhoven – The Netherlands, where he co-designed and produced Phillips’ first Bluetooth SoC circuit in CMOS technology, a key innovation that helped significantly increase the company’s market share.

In 2000, Mr. Sella joined the US multinational Texas Instruments where he led as a project manager for the design and marketing of several wireless products.
(Wireless Communications) that brought tens of millions of dollars to the company in addition to an important strategic position in the market. He also held several highly strategic positions, including Marketing Director of Low Power Wireless Products, and Marketing Director of Wireless Products for Telehealth and Telemedicine Applications.

During his years at Texas Instruments, during his years at Texas Instruments, Dr. Silla represented the multinational company in drafting several wireless communication standards such as Zigbee, IEEE 802.15.4, Wireless Health, Wi-Fi Alliance, Bluetooth Low Energy etc. till then.
Dr. Sela has developed several stimulating projects:
• The W-CDMA circuit project used by the Japanese giant NTT-DoCoMo;
• A project to develop a penetration strategy for low-energy wireless communication products in the Asian market (especially Chinese).
• Projects to assist sector giants (Itron, Landys & Gyr and Sensus) to improve their smart meter ranges using Texas Instruments Wireless technologies.
• Collaboration with engineers from Bosch (Germany), Omron (Japan) and TaiDoc (Taiwan) in the design of various medical equipment using wireless communication technologies.

Dr. Sela leads the Emerging Markets Task Force of the Continua Health Alliance, a consortium of 250 multinational companies working to standardize telehealth. He is often called upon as a management consultant by many international startups.
In 2014, Dr. Sela co-founded “Blue Sahara Technologies”, a company specialized in supporting various private and government entities seeking to enhance their expertise in the new ICT sector.

Since January 2018, Dr. Sela has been leading the field application activities of the US multinational Palma Ceia Semi-Design (PCS) specializing in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Above all, PCS is distinguished by its cooperation with the Chinese giant Alibaba in the areas of “SmartCity” and “SmartRetail”.

Dr. Silla is a member of the Greater Dallas World Affairs Council, a nonpartisan organization whose mission is to study and understand the evolution of the world’s economic and social policies and their effects on the state of Texas.

Baccalaureate at Lycée Seydou Nourou Tall (formerly Lycée d’application de l’Ecole Normale)
Superior), attended the Higher School of Posts and Telecommunications in Tunis where he obtained a Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering in 1990.

In 1996, he obtained a Master’s degree in Applied Sciences (Option Microwaves)
spatial electronics), followed by a doctorate in applied sciences (option: microelectronics) obtained in 1999 at the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal.
In June 2013, Ibn Taymiyyah officially launched his political party: DIISOO – Movement for Hope and Development

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