Bowling is back in September at Lac Saint Charles

After an epic spanning more than two years, the Lake St Charles bowling alley will finally be able to reopen its doors to the public next September. Four citizens of the area have created a non-profit organization that will run all activities of the place for the next three years.

Alain Anquetil, Terry Sombreve, Nicolas Nadeau and Ludovic Loren took over the salon in the basement of the Paul Emile Beaulieu Community Center over the summer, after important negotiations with Quebec City.

“It is a relief to all of us to find our own bowling alley,” said Mr. Antill, a spokesman for the group. I have been on the project since the beginning and I am very happy to see that we succeeded after so much effort.”

He was the one who launched the petition that successfully combined 150 names to indicate to Quebec City that residents wanted to keep the building profession. The municipal administration also invested more than 70,000 dollars to renovate the alleys and make the place more attractive to future buyers.

Renovation work will also take place in the salon between now and the official opening of the space upgrade. The counters and paint will be changed.


Since the city refused to install an electronic party-tracking system for financial reasons, the new managers had to consider a less expensive solution. “We couldn’t get the account back like before. We are no longer there, we have to evolve to attract more clients.

Thus, the four lanes will be equipped with computers with an application to facilitate point counting. We’ll start with this proven process elsewhere. The application for calculating the points is very effective and will greatly facilitate the task of the players, ”explains Alan Antiktel.

Digital marketing was also non-existent during all the old managers’ years. The new team intends to create a website to manage registrations and the evening league schedule. “We will also have a presence on social networks, to introduce ourselves to new residents of the area who may not even know that there is a bowling alley here,” continues the manager.

Too much demand and too little supply

As soon as it was announced that bowling would return to Lake St Charles, Alain Ancitl’s voicemail was overflowing with letters of thanks and requests to sign up for organized leagues. “There are a lot of retirees here, but not a lot of activities that cater to our needs. It is something that was essential to the community, because no one can travel farther for their activities.”

At the time of this writing, the organization said it has enough potential participants to re-launch the bowling league evenings. For reservations and family activities, managers like to wait for their directions before organizing this type of event.

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