▷ How do we put digital in the service of sales and give it meaning?

Why is the digital number so important to your retail business? Every business has specific goals, but most of them try to achieve some growth by reaching more consumers and persuading them to buy their products and services. Know that to do this effectively, you need to take advantage of all the resources that digital marketing techniques offer and are most valuable. But how do you use digital to serve sales and make sense of it?

Digital for a business, why?

With today’s internet access, believe it or not, the number of people connected increases exponentially every day!

Concretely, digital technology in your business can help you reach a wider audience – compared to traditional methods – but also target more potential customers who are likely to buy your products or services.

Why is digital so important?

Digital marketing is more important than ever. Take steps to create or improve your marketing strategy today to accelerate your results.

Where do you start if you want to develop a digital marketing strategy? This is still a common challenge, as many companies know how important digital and mobile channels are today for customer acquisition and retention. However, they lack an integrated plan to support digital transformation and business growth, and to effectively engage their audience online.

In digital sales service, what are the main advantages?

Benefit #1: You can only target potential customers who are most likely to buy your product or service. If you place an ad on TV, in a magazine, or on a billboard, you have limited control over who sees the ad. On the other hand, digital marketing allows you to identify and target a very specific audience, and send highly converting marketing messages tailored to that audience.

Benefit #2: Digital is more profitable than traditional marketing methods. Digital marketing allows you to track campaigns on a daily basis and reduce the amount invested in a particular channel if it does not show a high return on investment.

Feature #3: Digital Measurable! Digital marketing can give you complete insight from start to finish All Metrics that may be important to your business, including impressions, shares, views, clicks, and time on page. This is one of the main advantages of digital marketing. While traditional advertising can be useful for certain purposes, its biggest limitation is scalability.

But be careful, if you want to get a return on the profitability of your marketing business, you will have to be regular and persistent. The return on investment (ROI) (return on investment) can take time, and the profitability of your marketing actions is not realized in a jiffy. Persevere and, above all, set clear goals!

To learn more about ROI, click here.

Here are the seven steps you must follow to use digital marketing effectively in your business:

1. Make a plan to define and achieve your goals. Never underestimate organization, budgeting and planning!

2. Analyze. Right and start over. Even though you made a plan beforehand, if it doesn’t work, don’t give up and try something else!

3. Use the correct tools. It is important to use the right tools to save time and energy.

Here are some examples of basic tools to use:

  • Google ads to promote your products and services;
  • Mailpro to manage your email campaigns;
  • Bit.ly to create hyperlink shortcuts;
  • Canva for content creation and graphic design;
  • Google Analytics to analyze your website traffic;
  • WordPress to design your website and manage your content in an easy and accessible way.

4. Learn! There is no place for stagnation in the world of digital marketing that is changing at lightning speed. Make sure to keep up to date with the latest digital marketing news and trends in your chosen digital major.

5. Get excited! Digital marketing is a new industry that needs self-motivators who can chart their own course. Self-motivated individuals are good at problem-solving, organizing, and delegating.

6. Feel free to ask for help. Although personal motivation is an integral part of your business, you have to realize the importance of the different teams, networks and collaborators with you who can help you develop your business on a daily basis. To do this, feel free to turn to an expert in the field you want to develop, he will have an objective and external view of your various projects. And don’t forget that surrounding yourself with competent and trustworthy people can only help you advance!

7. Learn to stop, and take a step back. Don’t risk fatigue and anxiety to complete your project to get started in digital marketing. Relax when you need it and recharge the batteries! “There is no point in running, you have to start on time.”

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