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Najib Kesrouani (left) is the designer of the NFT group mentioned in the text. Safia Berro (center) is Project Logistics Manager and Virtual Agency Manager. Alexis Michel (right) is the project’s marketing director

August 11, 2022

In 2018, Safiya Pro owns a coffee shop in Montreal. His work gives him the opportunity to network with many agricultural producers as well as other players in the food industry. Passionate about this field, he specialized in marketing and photography and then decided to establish the virtual agency. Based in the heart of Montreal, it specializes in food marketing and communications. We asked him some questions about his agency and projects.

A wide range of communications and marketing companies are located in Montreal. So, what distinguishes an agency specialized in the agricultural and agri-food sectors? First, note that agency staff are trained in biosafety.

When photographing on a farm or in the presence of animals, there are technical considerations to keep in mind. We can’t get to the scene with the same equipment used in standard shooting, Safia explains. Of course, the agency’s staff also has in-depth knowledge of the agri-food sector. They know what will speak the most to the target audience of their clients, which is usually other companies in the agriculture and agri-food sector.

Digital transformation: one of the main challenges in the industry

For Safia Bro, one of the main challenges for actors in the agriculture and agri-food sector is doing more with less. In fact, they generally do not have the same resources as the big players in other industries. We must add that many are not familiar with marketing and do not always know where to start when it is time to promote their products. This is where the virtual agency team can help them.

In 2020-2021, when contacts were restricted and events like agricultural fairs canceled, the agency helped many clients go digital. This has been challenging in an industry where, traditionally, face-to-face relationships have always been very important. Today, Safia Berro believes that this shift has created significant synergies between virtual and more traditional means of sales such as agricultural and trade fairs.

The NFT project dedicated to agriculture and sugar bushes

Even if the agency develops in a sector often seen as somewhat traditional, it is not afraid to embark on pioneering projects. At the beginning of the summer, I launched The Maple Mission, a group of Quebec NFTs that aims to create a connection between the agricultural industry and the world of NFTs. By purchasing NFT from the Maple Mission Group, the agency hopes its owners will contribute directly to the preservation of sugar bushes in Canada, and hypothetically to the survival of maple syrup.

Recently, the image of NFTs and cryptocurrencies has been spread somewhat due to the fall of the markets as well as various fraud stories. But Safiya Bro does not take it lightly. With Maple’s mission, the goal is above all to democratize NFT as well as help local producers of maple products.

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