Publisher: The Importance of the Digital Image

For large publishing houses that enjoy a glorified image with the general public, it is not necessary to strive for a highly sophisticated digital presence. On the other hand, for a smaller, less well-known, and also less aged home, we can bet that an important work in the digital sphere is being carried out.

Therefore developing a specific graphic charter found on the entire home website is essential. But we can try to move the process forward by thinking about general consistency, from the house logo to the cover design of each book, for each collection. Inside a bookstore, if the publications on the house itself can be immediately recognizable, this is a great added value.

Today, the service offer to implement the marketing and design approach is very important. Several small communications agencies have emerged in recent years, with the advent of the Internet. You can choose a digital agency in Paris without hesitation in putting up several offers in the competition. The proposals that will be presented to you will fuel your ideas and your developmental prospects.

It may be appropriate to outsource this work so that you can call on an entire dedicated team, rather than going to one person who will actually be responsible for developing your home’s digital presence. Having a dedicated network animation employee is a plus, but he won’t be able to think of a general digital approach. These are not the same professions. On the other hand, the Community Manager will be responsible, in relation to the chosen agency, for implementing the marketing campaigns and highlighting the communication tools that will be created according to the editorial line in your home.

It is of course necessary to seek some form of coherence, without wanting to distinguish oneself for the sake of self-distinguishing. The agency can help you think about the values ​​you want to promote, and what you want your readers to keep in mind when they come to one of your posts. What is your DNA and how can this be reflected from a graphical point of view in your logo and in your communication tools, starting with the external presentation of your business?

Before polling different agencies, it can be important to assess your priorities, and study the way your readers are approaching you. Do you have a large enough digital presence? Are your books sold primarily in bookstores or on the Internet? These questions must be answered before implementing a specific strategy to grow your audience.

The difficulty that often arises for a publishing house is the perceived gap between culture and modernity. Readers of your work can misinterpret the digital image from a marketing point of view, because the book remains a unique cultural object. The connection of the market to the cultural good must be masterfully done, otherwise one falls into a certain vulgarity or into an act that causes the book to lose its cultural value.

This problematic equation often runs through a number of nineteenth-century novels that focus on the construction and development of literature in the world of mass consumption. what we think lost illusions From Balzac to emotional education From Flaubert, with the character Jacques Arnault (Owner industrial art in the antonym) or even good friend by Maupassant. To be a bookseller only is to fall into the merchant. However, for the publisher, the exact opposite should be asked. The work is an artistic subject, and it must be so in substance as in form.

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