MediaSorare Podcast – Season 1 (Part 2)

After Part 1 (Episode 1 to 10) was published on Monday (available here), here’s a quick return for Part 2 of Season 1 of the MediaSorare Podcast with episodes 11-20! Thanks again to all participants!

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In this episode 11, here we are with Clément (alias Vithaliy), 33, an expat in Poland and a hincha from Club Universitario de Desportes (Peru)! His IT work makes Clément somewhat proficient with the keyboard. He has created many tools that help him to be effective in a field he loves: buying – reselling. Karim, he makes everything accessible to the Sorare community. You can find a very useful tool: its calendar.

In this podcast, Clément will return to his career, his beginnings at Sorare, and his first investments. He’ll also explain his current and future goals for Sorare as well as his creation of tools. At the end of the interview, he will answer the traditional questionnaire of Mahdi and also the questions of his followers.

Since then, Vithaliy has announced that he will be joining the SorareData team from September 2022!

So we find Alexis, ambassador of Sorari better known as Zenobe ! This Claremont-born is an early adopter of Sorare. It has been on the platform for 3 years. A true pioneer in the game, He was among the top 150 players on the podium, So put the building blocks first.

Passionate about the crypto world since 2017, this PC developer by training will celebrate his first candle on Twitch in a few days! In addition to those on his head, Alexis owns several hats: youtubeur, Streamer, moderator, ambassador, and supporter of Clermont. We naturally invite you to join Planet Polas, his world on Twitch. Zenoob is also on Youtube with a regular show: Hebdo Sorare! also participates in surarechosoftware hosted by SRRONE.

In this podcast, Alexis will return to his career, his beginnings on Sorare, and his current and future goals. He will share a lot of exciting stories! He will tackle a topic close to his heart: the psychology of Sorari.

In this episode 13, we find SorareShow’s host, Erwan alias SRRONE, Sorare’s Top 50 Manager and Soraredata’s number one trainee. It has been listed on the platform since January 10, 2020 and currently has an exhibit of 236 ETH ($700,000). He is one of the 50 best managers in Sorare (600 bonuses, 34 winning places)!

Eruan, 27, a business student at Skema Business School, is really excited about Sorare and Stade Rennais. Proof of this is that he is currently starting an internship in Maxime HG’s SorareData (Podcast Guest Episode 6)! He will take care of customer relations. If you have a request, he’s the one to tease 🙂

SRRONE has been in the crypto world for several years. In 2019, he completed an internship at Coinhouse, an online platform and physical cryptocurrency exchange space. During his internship he met Brian O’Hagan, Sorare’s current growth leader! The anecdote should be discovered in the podcast, it is well worth the detour! He also met Nicholas Julia, CEO of Sorare!

In this podcast, Erwan reviews his career, his beginnings in Sorare, and his current and future goals. He will share a lot of exciting stories! He will tackle a topic close to his heart: the social aspect of Sorari.

In this episode 14, we take our backpack and travel to Asia. The direction of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. It’s Damien, alias DeglingoMPG who’s visiting us. Settled for 8 years in this country, this trained engineer is currently working as a sales manager for a large Belgian steel industry company. In the evenings, he hosts his Twitch channel and makes Youtube videos on Sorare and MPG, the two fantasy football games that permeate his life.

This father of two witnessed the classic beginnings of Manager Sorari: Director of Football, Virtuafoot, MPG. MPG is his second big passion (now) after Sorare. In addition to soccer and fantasy soccer games, this follower of Dimitri Payet has another passion he shares with his family: traveling! He makes us discover Asia through vlogs on his second YouTube channel.

In this podcast, Damien will return to his career, his beginnings on Sorare, his coding experiences, and his current and future goals. He will share a lot of telling stories and explain his love for Asian football and Japan! He will also discuss a topic close to his heart: the state of the market in Sorare.

In this episode 15, we are honored to receive it Paul who works in Sorare ! pee (Tweet embed) with Sorare for 6 months now. His job: Player Experience (responsible for player experience)! In this podcast, he will tell you about his daily life, his mission, his goals, his very clear information and anecdotes! Will return to Sorare’s priority challenges, and to collaborate with Opta, Sorare’s position in relation to MultipleAccounting and BOTs on Sorare. Finally, he will answer the questions of Internet users.

Above all, Paul is a huge fan of sports. This 26-year-old former rugby player (from Racing92) is particularly crazy about Formula 1. Before returning to his hometown of Paris, he went into exile for 5 years in Spain and Italy to study. He has a master’s degree in management.

Paul discovered the game in December 2020 but didn’t score until early 2021 when the limited edition was released. The purpose of listing it on Sorare? Get to know the game well to try to incorporate the company next! A few months later, he applied to Sorari. After several phone interviews, here he is at Sorare’s, greeted by his future boss who takes him straight to the company’s small football field to calm him down. Challenge her…! The rest will be discovered in this episode of the MediaSorare podcast 🙂

Managing the Opta (StatsPerform) headquarters of Matthieu Lille-Palette, Senior Vice President of this leading sports data collection company. Opta currently covers more than 60 sports, has 23 offices around the world, and employs more than 2,500 full-time employees.

Matthieu (matthieulillep), 36, started his career at Opta at the age of 25 as a trainee! Mathieu loves sports (boxing and football) and management. As part of his master’s degree (AMOS – Sport Business School), he naturally chose an internship in a company that combined his two passions. He then rose through the ranks in the company until today as Senior Vice President.

During this podcast, Matthieu will present his profile, how Opta works, and his role in the company. It will answer questions asked by our listeners and return to certain definitions (big chance, help, last man intervention). He will also reveal details of the partnership with Sorare as well as the recruitment process for Opta. Spoil: During the episode Matthieu answers the question everyone asks “Does an Opta employee have the right to play Sorare?”.

We find ourselves in the financial world with Tony. In this exclusive interview, Mehdi Toni, a professional in Finance, Culture and Communication, is greeted by the Corporate “Change Manager”. Its role is to support companies, start-ups or multinational corporations in their transformation and growth.

This investor, who works in Luxembourg, is a regular in the media. He has already appeared in various media such as After Foot RMC, SoFoot and Le Phocéen to talk about his passion for Sorare. He also interferes as Nicola Julia passes in AfterFoot with DavidBoga.

A fan of the NBA, business, football, and new technologies, he naturally turned to Sorare after several years of playing in MPG. He takes Sorari as a real investment.

In this podcast, Tony will present his investor profile, his career in finance, his goals in the game, and his vision on Sorare’s future. He will return to the development of the market and answer the question: Should we worry about the fall of ETH? What is the effect on the game?
And he will also explain why, in his opinion, Sorare cannot be considered a gambling game or be compared to the Ponzi scheme?

We find ourselves with Antoine (Sorare_Austria), Austrian football specialist and digital marketing specialist. This former fan of Fifa and MPG joined the adventure of Sorare in early March 2021.

Originally from Montpellier, this 27-year-old is currently working in Switzerland as a community manager for a professional hockey club.

In this podcast, Antoine will present his profile, goals, predictions for the next season, and the nuggets to follow. He will also give his opinion on Sorari’s connection!

And so we find Léandro alias Charko (@charko_04), the true expert in buying and reselling!

Of Portuguese descent, this huge fan of Benfica is not an early adopter. Discover Sorari in March 2021 thanks to Phils during a Twitch live. His major specialty: buying – reselling. His “modest” investment in the game: 180 euros. The staggering current value of his gallery: $100,000! Amazing development!

In this podcast, Léandro will tell you about his career, the evolution of his strategy, tools, and current and future goals. He will also discuss the strategy of the substitute goalkeeper and answer questions from the participants.

At the conclusion of this season we find Vincent, a Skyrock radio host and a true fan of sports betting and cycling! As such, you can find the podcast (exclusive of SorareVelo) that he aired on the MediaSorare youtube channel, by clicking here.

Vincent, 45, a radio host on Skyrock for 24 years now, discovered Sorari in December 2021 after an exchange with sports journalist Antoine Besson after publishing his book A Bet On Cycling, Supplement Your Future Pay.

In this episode, Vincent will tell you about his journey. He will return to his mistakes in his first appearance on Sorare. It will also explain the difference between sports betting and Sorare. He will also discuss his vision of a potential SorareVelo and answer subscribers’ questions.

The first season of the MediaSorare Podcast ends with this episode 20 ! A first season leads to a second season, don’t worry! The entire MediaSorare team has had the pleasure of launching the podcast with guests with different profiles! The MediaSorare team (Mehdi, David, Fab, and Lionel) would like to thank all the podcast participants as well as our professional editor Laurent!

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