A tool for creating an SEO soundtrack for their content

When you have a website, getting back to the web (SEO) is an important part of your marketing strategy. It consists in optimizing their written content in order to be well placed in search engines. However, it is not always easy to choose the right keywords that will improve your SEO ranking. Fortunately, today there are tools to facilitate the writing of these scripts, such as LikeContent Pro. Helps users create content optimized for Google search engines.

SEO score customized for each content

While search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex concept for many marketers, SameContent Pro aims to drastically simplify the optimization process. To do this, simply click on “My Projects” in the left sidebar, then on “Create a new project”. The tool then asks you to enter your target keywords, location, and language. In the Topic Difficulty Check, the user can see if it is difficult to position themselves on that term or not to use the metrics provided by the tool.

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Once this information is taken into account, you must enter your text into the Content Optimizer. It is possible to write their content directly from the platform, or copy and paste it. Care must be taken when entering an address, tagging and hyperlinks. As with any word processing program, the user can change the font, place it in bold, italic or underline, choose the alignment of his text, add images … the functions are varied.

Similar software offers content auditing by copying the URL directly. This can be useful to know the SEO performance of its competitors. Once changes are made, the tool sets the SEO score for the document and explains to the user what items can be improved. It is based on the first 10 results that appear when you perform a search with these keywords on Google.

In the absence of inspiration for the following contents, SameContent Pro suggests ideas on topics to be covered in relation to those used previously. For each, it provides a list of keywords to use to successfully position yourself well on the search engines.

For professionals who need to quickly improve content, it is always possible to use the Rewriting Content Tool. All you have to do is enter your non-optimized text for similar to

To take advantage of these features, an offer is available at a price of $79 for life instead of $500. It allows you to optimize ten articles and ten topic ideas per day, proofreading as much content as you wish.

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