Roger Kamgaing launched the Africa Smarts initiative today to help African decision makers succeed by adopting the right digital services

[DIGITAL Business Africa] – Roger Camjing, former Executive Vice President of Government and Enterprise Services of the Swiss SGS Group, is today the founder and CEO of Africa Smarts Today. Launched in July 2022, Africa Smarts Today’s mission is to boost Africa’s economy from within. This is by offering digital business solutions to local decision makers that allow governments to create inclusive sustainable growth.

Roger Cummings believes that digital technology can be the superpower in this economic transformation and growth. Hence his commitment through Africa Smarts Today to convince governments that developing digital infrastructure through investment, training and capacity building in this sector is what Africa needs to drive inclusive economic growth.

Roger Cumming’s vision: ” Developed in Africa, digital services, on devices designed by African-educated men and women, reach the entire continent. Some will say it is a simplistic or unrealistic vision, but to those, I will answer that tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. To create a brighter future, we must first imagine it and then act on it. »

Digital in Africa, the Cameroonian has been interested in it for a long time. Passionate about new technologies and convinced that Africa has an important role to play in the global economy through appropriate digital solutions, he launched in 2014, parallel to his job at SGS, TIME Incubator (now TIME SA) to support African start-ups.

Strong and rich experience in serving Africa

With 20 years of experience in the multinational SGS, which provides services in the areas of control, verification, analysis and certification, in relation to the marketing and transportation of goods, as well as training of people, today Roger Kamgaing proposes to put his experience at the service of African decision-makers.

Just as the Cameroonian remains ready to assist governments in designing and implementing policies and strategies to facilitate trade, enhance compliance, develop effective public procurement measures, and ensure the best efficiency and best benefits for countries while promoting transparency.

Roger Cumming’s professional experience is associated with SGS. The SGS group, Roger Kamgaing, knows him well. Because the Cameroonian-Swiss spent 20 years of his career there. He joined the Swiss giant in August 1996 as Regional Sales Manager for East Africa.

With the dynamism of this holder of a master’s degree in business law and taxation from the University of Paris 1 and a master’s degree in auditing and taxation from ESCP Business School in 1990, the Swiss group has propelled him into global sales and marketing.

and later, in January 2020, to the Executive Vice President of Government and Enterprise Services, who will leave in January 2022. This is after taking a two-year break (from 2012 to 2014) outside the pool left by the start-up of Kamgaing Associates, a network of consultants that provide services to businesses and governments.

Giant birth

For five years in Cameroon, from 1991 to 1996, he created and managed Africa Import, a small and medium-sized company specialized in importing (mainly from Asia) and distributing essential products in Central Africa (mainly wheat flour and ice cream). Within four years, this small and medium-sized company will import up to 60,000 metric tons annually.

Experience that allows him to understand issues related to commodity trade and international transactions, particularly in the specific context of Africa. It is thus exposed to the challenges of cross-border trade, customs regulations, as well as problems faced by governments in Africa in terms of compliance and enforcement. The good profile of SGS, which he joined after his Cameroonian entrepreneurial adventure.

Now experienced, dynamic and rigorous 56-year-old Roger Kamgaing is putting all this experience at the service of the digital development of the African continent through Africa Smarts Today. It’s smarter!

By Beaugas Orain DJOYUM

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