Pizza Hut tripled its conversion rates

A good loyalty program necessarily includes all the services of the company and cannot be reduced to the discounts that it offers. This requires, in addition to flawless and personal communication with its customers, to havecustomer experience be on it. Seamless customer experience from store visits and purchases on websiteAnd, of course, deliveries and customer support. All of these things can ultimately help build customer loyalty and even inspire them to become brand ambassadors. Vanessa Noby, solutions consultant at Emarsys, shared her experience of setting up this type of software.

How Pizza Hut Tripled Conversion Rate Through Its Loyalty Program

Pizza Hut had a completely separate data issue, with no unified view of the customer. They did not have accurate information about customers’ preferences, eating habits, number of people in a household, etc. [photo Twitter @Pizzahut]

Customer loyalty is at the heart of e-commerce

A loyal and satisfied customer will not only buy more often, but also talk about it from those around him. The positive word Reviews left on products or services will improve brand awareness.

Fulfillment of the program

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Loyalty program must exceed discounts

Fulfillment of the program
The loyalty program is not just a device for distributing discounts. It must be accompanied by an exceptional customer experience

Loyalty programs, usually associated with discounts and rebates, You must now fully invest in the customer experience, and offer other types of rewards.

A good loyalty program should be fully invested in the customer experience

“Access to exclusive sales, in-store experiences, samples, and testing of new products, for example, will make the customer feel Unique, builds and maintains loyalty Explains Vanessa Newbie.

loyalty program
Vanessa Knoop

In addition, customers who belong to loyalty programs, who have an interest in the brand, are more likely to share information about it: what inspires them, their use of the product, their buying habits, etc.

This metadata will make it possible to extend the data we already have, thus further personalizing the experience, allowing for relevant interactions.

Contribution of the loyalty program to the performance of the company

The contribution of loyalty programs to business performance varies by industry or brand.

“In all cases, loyalty has a clear impact on customer turnover, on customer lifecycle value, on the average basket, and on the time between purchases. The effects are numerous,” adds Vanessa.

Customers are no longer buying on a whim these days, especially in e-commerce. They ask about features, pricing, and service. It is even more important to be able to stand out to capture the attention of the customer

The cost of acquiring a new client is significant. Investing in loyalty, taking advantage of ambassadors, and positive reviews, will have an impact on profitability, and acquisition costs will likely decrease.

What are the obstacles to implementing the loyalty program

lack of standardization of data

Many loyalty programs fail. Sometimes the program itself is not well thought out, for example with the same rewards for everyone, without customization

Vanessa Newbie explains that a good loyalty program will return the customer. It will also turn the customer into a brand ambassador. Provided that the seamless customer experience is on par.

But the biggest reason for loyalty program failure is data silos.

Companies use many applications, each of which performs a specific function. One will manage online sales, other in-store sales, other website content, the app sends payments, the other sends emails…

All of these applications will produce data, which will be difficult to standardize.

However, in loyalty, it is important to know your customer and get an overview of all their touch points (contact points) with the brand.

The value of the points is not clear

Another obstacle to the proper functioning of the loyalty program is sometimes His lack of vision. The customer will know how many points he has in his loyalty account … but will not have an exact idea of ​​what he is worth with these points, for example

Communication about the program is part of the success of the implementation.

Il faut donc mentionner ce program dans toutes les communications avec les clients qui n’en font pas partie, et pour ceux qui en font partie, communiquer sur son fonctionnement, l’intérêt du cumul de points, les points qui viennent à expiration et qu ‘must use.

Reviews on Pizza Hut Loyalty Program

90% of mobile shopping carts are abandoned according to Salesforce (2022). But on the computer, the results aren’t much better (81%) – Source: Salesforce Shopping Index 2022

For Pizza Hut, one of the biggest challenges is Market competitor. “A bad experience when delivering pizza will easily convert a customer into a competitor,” explains Vanessa Noby.

Pizza Hut had a completely separate data issue, with no unified view of the customer. They did not have accurate information about customers’ preferences, eating habits, number of people in a household, etc.

Initially, the company sent the same communications to all of its customers.

Everyone received the same call and the same promo code

Vanessa showed us the solution that Emarsys implemented with the famous American pizza brand.

“We started with a welcome program, which is the first program to be received by a new client,” she told us.

The purpose of the program that was developed was to collect information about dietary restrictions, preferences, and family size

The message was adapted based on information from customers, and the effect was real:

Collecting food preference data resulted in twice as many conversions in the first month after the Welcome Trip

Pizza Hut worked too On the concept of real timewith the implementation of a new program that reacts within three minutes to an abandoned shopping cart or navigation.

In the 30 days since I implemented this shopping cart abandonment program, conversions doubled in 3

Vanessa continued, “Email was Pizza Hut’s preferred channel for communicating with its customers, but data analysis showed that some people did not respond on this channel.”

The brand then decided to “retarget” via SMS or other channels preferred by consumers, and Instantly see better conversions from new customers”.

What are the tools needed for the successful implementation of the loyalty program?

“A customer loyalty program should be based on Onmichannel customer engagement tool “Allowing communication on different channels and on unified data from source data, they are all different,” explained Vanessa Newbie.

The marketer to retain the customer must know him as well as his appetite. Data standardization is critical, whether it’s from the website, offline or online sales, engagement data, or loyalty data.

Then he must communicate with the customer on the right channel, at the right time, and with the right message.

This passes through a fragmentation Relevancy, personalization of communications, as well as product recommendation if necessary. There are very powerful technological tools out there but mastering these tools is not always perfect.

Sometimes we see problems with our customers who adopt tools digital marketing. Many features are at your fingertips but you don’t necessarily use them

Thus, Emarsys developed tactics, that is, pre-designed programs according to specific use cases.

“These tactics are based on customer cases and allow for software setup very quickly with software architecture, segmentation, hold contract, etc. This helps improve customer lifecycle, cart abandonment, browsing abandonment, and other loyalty related functions.”

Thus, these methods make it easier for customers to learn about the advanced functionality of these digital tools while enabling them to launch sophisticated loyalty programs more quickly.

Best practices for customizing messages for loyal customers

The customer needs to feel that they can trust the brand, that the brand knows them, and that they will communicate with them according to what they like.

“Having the right data and using it the right way to make relevant customizations and recommendations is the key to success,” explains Vanessa Noppe.

Whatever the topic of digital marketing, it all ends up going back to the data, which makes perfect sense. Conclusion for this last post of our series, also valid for the entire file.

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