How do you contact 100 targeted B2B prospects?

I’m going to share a methodology for reaching out to 100 targeted prospects. Why generate leads? Because according to a study by Harvard Business ReviewOn average, a company loses 10% of its customers. This means that in 5 years you have lost 50% of your customers… It is therefore essential for a business to constantly seek new customers…

Understand one thing, commercial prospecting has never been so difficult because the competition is great.

Here is one method among others.

I’m not saying it’s the best (it certainly isn’t the best, by the way), but it allows my clients to connect with qualified prospects.

Before I share the method with you, I would like to draw your attention to this point.

The purpose of this methodology is to get in touch with your prospects in a personalized and relevant way.

My approach is human and aims to convince the prospect of their interest in speaking to my client over the phone.

Now let’s get to practice.

1. Reach out to your core customers with Linkedin (10 minutes)

You can start targeting small audiences, between 100 and 300 people, that’s perfect.

We will use Linkedin to segment our target.

With over 600 million users, you’re sure to find qualified leads.

Let’s start with a concrete example: The customer is a company that offers a SAAS solution for accountants to better monitor their customers’ accounts.

The company is located near Lyon, we will segment by geographic location. Also, I will add the second circle to use the entrepreneur’s network.

Here is the result:

In detail, here are my filters:

  • Title: Accountant
  • Profile in French
  • Lyon region
  • In my 2nd circle

Results: 255 prospects!

TRICK: To easily reach out to your first prospects, all you have to do is look at the mutual relationships. Ask those around you if they can put you in touch with some of your prospects. On average you should Find between 20 and 30 prospects.

2. Gather your prospect list (5 minutes)

We will now retrieve the list using the Phantombuster tool (free tool for 14 days).

You can use Linkedin Search Export Tool.

Here is the setup:

Linkedin session cookie: I advise you to install the Phantombuster Chrome extension, which will automatically restore your session.

Search input: Copy and paste the URL address of your search on Linkedin

Search category: people

  • Number of pages: Let’s start slowly with 10, we will have 100 prospects
  • Line Count: Let’s leave it blank
  • Resulting CSV file name: My first 100 prospects

Click SAVE to confirm.

Then click START.

Wait 2 minutes for Phantombuster to do its job.

Click Download to get the list of the top 100 prospects in CSV.

3. Find your prospect’s emails (1 hour)

In this part, it is often necessary to use multiple tools to get the emails successfully.

The purpose of this step is to collect the emails from prospects to contact them when you don’t have a reply through Linkedin.

Let’s start with Cold CRM.

The free tool offers us 50 free emails.

We will use bulk tools to find the emails from the urls we have in the Phantombuster excel file.

Choose email:

Then social media URL

Copy and paste the list of prospects into the box:

Then click SUBMIT.

The tool found 47 emails that I can export to CSV. Which is a very good result to start with!

Then I use the AnymailFinder tool to find other emails.

The tool found 8 new emails, which allows me to reach up to 55 emails.

I will also search by first name, last name, and company name to find other email addresses.

Here is the result:

I am now at 63 emails.

Finally I will use ContactOut to find the missing profile emails. I managed to find 8 new emails using the tool.

In the end, I got 71 emails from the 100 prospects so a total of 71% if you are good at math

I ended up with 71 emails out of the 100 prospects, so a total of 71% if you’re good at math. 😉

I can now request a foreign service through Fiverr or Freelancer to try to find the 29 missing emails.

For our example, I’ll stop here.

For the missing 29 it doesn’t matter, I hope a specific number will answer me via Linkedin.

4. Create a conversation

I’ll show you how to create a conversation on LinkedIn

Before you start prospecting, it’s a good idea to optimize your profile with a catchy title that explains what you do.

Instead of writing “corporate real estate agent”, write “I propose that companies find their future professional cocoon”.

Then we use Linked Helper (free version for 14 days), a Chrome extension that allows us to customize how we send messages to the list.

We will use the function Invite 2nd and 3rd connections to list the first 100 prospects. Just click Collect and click collect again to stop on page 10.

To review the list, you can click View Collected.

Here is the list of the 100 prospects (even 110 😉 ):

With the free version, you can send your potential customers a personalized message. This is the perfect time to try and start a conversation.

If you’re looking for example messages, I’ve put together a PDF of them.

To start the campaign, just click Start Profiles Inviting.

I invite you to limit sending messages to 20 per day at the beginning.

In Invite per period, enter 20.

Add a description

In a week you have contacted your first 100 prospects!

If you don’t get a response through LinkedIn, you can use email to try to start a conversation with your prospect.

If you want an article on how to email your prospects let me know in the comments.

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