Frank Miller Presents will publish the first presentation version of its catalog on August 17, 2022

We talked about it Frank Miller presentsThe first publishing house founded by the greats Frank Miller After several decades of fluttering between different brands, major and independent. And then, in the heap, a few years for the plants while we rest on yesterday’s successes, we have to admit. I came back with some project announcements, some strong creative teams (or at least promising, especially on the artists’ side), an NFT funding scheme that obviously no one, even in the niche press, wanted to talk about (while he had already decided to create an account on the networks Social “LOL“Fully official) and a good spread of marketing rhetoric about the future of comedy and the desire to pass the torch, Miller Now ready to present the first fruits of this new labor to the world.

Frank Miller Presents

The publisher publishes a press release to surprise the audience: it will not be necessary to wait long to discover the first titles of Frank Miller presents. As of Wednesday 17 August 2022 first issueTrash basketIt will be distributed to some of the libraries covered by the distribution network diamond comics In the United States, with two introductions and a few previews of the projects already mentioned during the various interviews given by the Young Press Publishing House. Namely, if we make the list, second roninAnd the Sin City 1858And the old enemies And the Pandora. And maybe too Sin City in Color From Milo Manara.

for second ronin (Frank Miller to text , Philip Tan in graphics, Daniel Henrique inking) and old enemies (Dan Didio to text , Danilo Beirut in graphics, Alex Sinclair colors), the two most advanced series in this small catalog, the audience in one case will be able to discover a ten-page introduction dating back to the first ronin And the first steps of the new heroine Casey McKenna : A lover of the resurrected samurai in the first volume, who now seeks to find the body in which his ex-wife reincarnates. from direction ‘old enemiesThe seventeen-page short story will evoke the thousand-year galactic war that took place before the events of the first official issue, when a group of fighters was dubbed “primaries“I came to Earth to pacify or abolish the old status quo.

You will follow previews of old projects. Tip to pique the public’s interest in this surprise launch: The $1 release will only be available at bookstores participating in the launch (but Frank Miller It specifies in passing that the shares will be limited, so it is not impossible to follow speculation on online sales platforms). Other information to bear in mind, the publisher does not intend to publish in digital format for this presentation catalog – a shame for a box that is heavily focused on Web 3.0 – and therefore it would not be accessible from France unless a local bookseller managed to acquire the precious sesame.

See you on August 17, 2022 for those vacationing in the United States, so…

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