ECV opens five new business courses in September 2022

Two new ways in MA in Art Direction And the Three new specializations In the third year of Bachelor of Digital Project Manager It will be open and will provide students with the possibility to acquire complementary skills required in Creative and digital sector.

Digital Design and ECV: An Innovative and Creative Teaching Method at the Service of Students

For several years, the school has been offering 5-year degree courses, from Bachelor’s to Master’s, aimed at training talents who are open to the world, creative and able to respond to the various problems of the professional world.

Since its establishment in 1984, it has been committed to ensuring the quality of its education, especially those related to the design And the Digitalor in perfect harmony with the developments and expectations of professionals.

To enhance its training in design and digital, ECV will launch at the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic year two master’s degrees and three work-study specializations in user interface (UI) design, Web development or marketing And the digital connection Which will follow the first two years of the Bachelor of Digital Project Manager.

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Master of Technical Guidance in work and study and 100% from a distance

It will be available to students at Bac +3 who have already validated a course in Graphic Design or Visual Communication at all ECV schools located in Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, Nantes and Aix-en-Provence.
This new diploma will allow students to validate it Work experience in business And facing the reality on the ground as part of their training.
This Master is part of a professional approach and will provide students with the opportunity to validate the qualifications acquired during their training.

For two years, they will be trained in the basics of Graphic Design (Design Culture, Branding), Art Direction in Advertising (Ad Creation, Design Editing, Advertising Culture), Art Direction in 3D Interactive Digital Design and Motion, Digital Creativity, Photography and Video Art Direction ) and project management (digital project strategy, marketing, biology, strategic planning).

The tempo will be alternating in 4/5, i.e. 4 days at work and 1 day at school Weekly on video conference, to be supplemented by 5 intensive weeks per year i.e. 4 weeks at one of the ECV campuses freely of their choice and 1 week on video conference

MA in Art Direction specializing in digital and work-study

It will be shown on Lille, Paris and Bordeaux For students holding a 3+ baccalaureate with a solid foundation in graphic design or with a first professional experience. The goal is to let them major in two years at a time artistic creativitythe common thread of ECV training, and in web design.

Having become a strategic issue for companies in recent years, web interface design makes it possible to create and enhance the link between brands and consumers.

So this master will aim to train creators responsible for Web project management Knowing how to use advanced technologies but also being able to explore their creativity. It will provide students with the opportunity to be diverse and have a global and strategic vision for design and digital.

subordinate the design in Graphic ProductionPasses throughWork environmentThe marketingThe web design or evenUX design (User Experience), display this new parameter with alternating rhythm 4 days in company and 1 day in school It will be completed within 5 intensive weeks during which specialized professionals will lead workshops and courses to facilitate their professional integration further.

BA Project Manager Digital User Interface Design Based Work Study

Focuses on developing advanced knowledge in the field digital creativity. It will aim to allow students to specialize in web design and user interface/user interface design allowing them to gain basic knowledge to work on different production tools.

Artistic and graphic culture, creative process, digital communication, digital marketing, or even brand strategy, project management, motion design, ergonomics, user experience… full program To understand the challenges of web development, user experience, web marketing and innovation.

This major will allow students to continue their studies After that, study towards a master’s degree in digital art or a master’s in UX Design & Research Alternate too.

Bachelor’s degree Digital Project Manager specializing in web development on a work-study basis

It will be offered to students wishing to master a program Front and Backend. You will combine both Technical and strategic skills and knowledge of the web sector. The various modules of this training will provide students with a 360-degree view of a career network development.

At the end of this major, students will be able to extend their course
MSc Web Development or in MA UX Design and Research.

Project Director of the Digital Undergraduate specializing in Marketing and Digital Communications in the work-study program

It will enable students to become Digital Communication Experts and marketing and will provide training for future professionals capable of design and implementation Acquisition strategies and fame.

Besides the basics of digital marketing and communications, students will be trained in them Social mediaand integration and Web languagesto me Brand StrategiesElectronic customer relationship management, consumer behavior…

After validation of these three years, students will continue their studies in higher education and will be able to orient themselves in the Master in Marketing and Digital Communication, in main content strategy or in MSc Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Alternate too.

The rhythm of alternation between these three disciplines will occur in an evolutionary manner and will be distributed in three phases throughout the year:

  • September to December: 3 days at school and 2 days at work;
  • January to March: 2 days at school and 3 days at work;
  • From March: 100% in the works.

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