Big data, email 2.0 and B2B prospecting

Far too often we think that just prospecting via email is just sending the same message to a colossal number of recipients and relying on the mass effect to nab one or two interesting contacts. And the amalgamation with SPAM is quickly established with this type of “cold e-mail”.

However, today we can tap into large volumes while attracting a significant number of hot potential customers. Under certain circumstances…

Big data to optimize database qualification

The quality of a recipient base is the first (essential!) condition for warming up a “cold email” and making it effective. Today, data is practically at your fingertips, waiting to be used.

And that applies all the more in B2B: what could be easier than finding the last name, first name, company, position, field of activity or telephone number of a professional contact person? Networks like LinkedIn or Viadeo are true sources of information.

Renting or buying qualified databases is also possible in B2B and does not require the contact person to opt-in. The only rule is that the email must be related to the prospect’s activity and that it’s possible to simply unsubscribe from the mailing list.

This is the main difference between classic cold email and smart prospecting. The work of gathering information requires more time and/or money, but the results more than make up for it.

Ultra personalization for precise aiming

Guillaume Fleureau, Marketing Director, Sarbacane

Guillaume Fleureau, Marketing Director, Sarbacane

You need to understand one thing: mass prospecting doesn’t mean you’re always sending the same email. With a suitable solution, it is now more than easy to dynamically change the content of an e-mail.

adopt a book

This is where the quality of the information gathered upfront will be paramount: the idea is to send a different email for each contact by writing just one.

Everything can be personalized: words, links, full sentences and even adjective conventions, depending on the courtesy of the recipient… With a few manipulations in Excel and a little common sense, it is possible to activate many elements to make the email personal do as possible.

Therefore, massive prospecting is not that important anymore. The shipping quantity alone is extensive, but the content is unique for each recipient. A true one-to-one approach that pays dividends when all conditions are met.

We won’t summarize good email practices here, but there are a few tips that can further optimize the success of an advertising campaign by emphasizing the one-to-one approach:

  • Don’t capitalize the beginning of the subject
  • Make a very short and personalized item with the recipient’s name
  • Be very concise in terms of content and do not beat around the bush
  • Immediately propose a phone meeting and ask to confirm the phone number you collected

These little tricks help convince the recipient that they’re receiving a unique email, encourage them to reply, and make a bulk email personal.

In summary, the exploitation of data combined with the advanced personalization methods made available by the publishers of email solutions allows not only profitable but above all respectful and intelligent prospecting.

Author: Guillaume FleureauMarketing Manager, Sarbacane


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