▷ How to Create the Perfect Keyword List for SEO?

Your website is modern, comfortable and aesthetic, but unfortunately no one can find it! One option might be to opt for paid ads, this can be very expensive and sometimes not effective at all. There is another alternative at your fingertips: using SEO techniques to optimize your website for search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that generally rely on choosing a list of keywords…

How do you find the right keywords for your business? What are the most effective keyword research tools? We show you how to create a relevant keyword strategy from the ground up.

What does the keyword mean?

Nowadays, the company that wants to beat it must improve its online presence, especially by focusing on carefully chosen keywords.

The SEO strategy of any online platform should be based on the inquiries of the internet users who bring the most qualified traffic.

Hence the fact of appropriately trying to find expressions that are least competitive and most in demand. These keyword ideas are the keywords on which your SEO strategy will be built.

Creating and developing a list of keywords allows your company to position itself in Google compared to its competitors, perform targeted semantic searches and audits, work on the right keywords to drive traffic…

Whether it is primary or secondary, the keyword should be:

  • be directly or indirectly related to the subject matter of your website;
  • They are used frequently by your target;
  • be less competitive;
  • You are likely to have a high conversion rate;
  • to be easily accessible.

The degree of importance of keywords

Create the link between what Internet users search on the Internet and the content of your website, keywords are closely related to the characteristics of your products, services, sector of activity, delivery of your company and especially bots crawling The Google.

In fact, most of the keyword selection work depends on what a file is reptiles from Google through their various clips on your web pages.

In this context, your keyword list will determine the type of your traffic in the future! With this in mind, the selection of this menu should be in perfect harmony with the needs of the target customers.

One of the primary goals of choosing the right set of keywords is to attract the audience of users you are targeting.

Therefore, in order not to waste time and money, as a business leader or marketing manager, you must fully understand the habits, desires and needs of your customers. Thus, you will define your keyword list with accuracy, relevance and full alignment with your target expectations.

The result will be a site that attracts qualified audiences and generates more conversions!

What are the different steps to creating the right keyword list?

You have to take a certain methodological approach which the digital agency also summarizes in 6 steps:

word choice

This first option will determine the direction of your company’s marketing and sales strategy.

Brainstorming and finding additional information

To complete your list, inspiration should come from several sources of information:

  • personal experience
  • Colleagues through brainstorming sessions
  • Thesaurus
  • Different forms of the main word (masculine, feminine, past participle, etc.)
  • antonym
  • Words from the same family

Go to Competitive Analysis

You have to type your chosen word into the Google search bar.

The top three positions in search results will reveal your competitors, those who dominate this niche and those who have been able to select the right keyword list.

Get inspired by their content and complement your own.

Google Suggestions and Related Searches

You can complete your search using Google Suggest.

Also note that relevant Google searches at the bottom of the first page will give you a lot of new ideas.

Keyword Tool and Audience Answer

Free and powerful SEO tools for creating keyword lists based on new ideas.

Social Network Analysis

On social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc., users ask questions about your keyword. Get the information you need!

What tool to choose for relevant keyword research?

Whatever your field of activity, thanks to our selection of online tools, you will discover new opportunities with unparalleled keyword suggestions and various related keywords.


We no longer offer this tool whose interface is very simple, but very effective. To do this, you just have to press the “magic trick”, do the “start working” and voila!

When you start searching, it no longer stops creating expressions and derivatives of your keywords. Stop it whenever you want!

Answer the audience

A free and popular tool, Answer Audience suggests what internet users are really looking for, what they want to know and what they want.

You will get your keyword list in the form of a fairly straightforward lexical ray.

The graphic illustration can be exported wherever you want via the “Export csv” button.


Being the most popular tool on the market, “UBERSUGGEST” has quite a convenient interface. Choose your starting expression and start researching the topic of your choice.

Don’t forget to choose the language before pressing the “Suggest” button.

At the top right, the Download All button and create your Excel file with a comprehensive list of keywords that are very useful for your topic.

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