Tips for connecting the sales funnel to your WordPress site.

Whether you want to have a showcase site, a blog, or a website that sells services and products, WordPress remains an excellent choice. Using this CMS is very easy. Moreover, it has a variety of tools and plugins to achieve your goals. Besides WordPress, many online marketers choose In this article, you will find ways to link sales funnel to WordPress site? And why do we use it? What is this?

Source: France Net Info is a complete tool for starting and managing online businesses. This tool allows you to create a complete sales funnel in a very simple way to collect leads and send emails automatically. In fact, it also allows you to create and manage affiliate programs and create permanent webinars.

In addition, it saves you time and money by providing everything you need to start and grow your business. This shows that you no longer need to search through a bunch of different tools to help you do the same thing.

The goal is to sell courses or physical products online by welcoming customers to a beautiful landing page and letting them walk through the entire sales funnel. You can optionally collect their emails and provide increased sales to them.

How to connect sales funnel to WordPress?

How to connect sales funnel to WordPress?

In general, it is very easy to associate with WordPress, even if you are new to managing websites. Here are three ways you can do to connect the sales funnel to WordPress:

1. Connect WordPress and via a link.

The option you have is to enter the generated funnel URL directly into your WordPress site.

To do this, you just need to retrieve the urls of the funnel capture forms you created with for use anywhere on your WordPress site (in blog posts, widgets, etc.)

This method is easy to set up, but not fully integrated, as it allows Internet users to take a break from their journey.

2. Add a script generated by

This second method is more complex in application, but offers a more flexible and smooth path.

It includes the script shown in the input form that restores the tunnel so that you can integrate it wherever you want.

In fact, you can use the provided script in blog posts, widgets, and even popups on your WordPress site.

3. Create a subdomain.

This last method is more technical and consists of placing the sales funnel on the domain or subdomain of your website. To enter the url into a search engine, you can go directly to the first page of the conversion funnel.

For example, suppose you have that contains your WordPress site/blog. You can create a subdomain https://training. and then paste your tunnel.

Finally, you can find tutorials to apply this method. Get help at the support group or through support, which is very good.

What are the benefits of linking to WordPress?

However, it is entirely possible to associate with WordPress, and it is even a common practice. So you can:

  • Connect a complete and effective sales funnel to an existing WordPress site that is already generating traffic.
  • Combine the blogging and SEO capabilities of WordPress with the marketing and conversion optimization capabilities of
  • Easily create webinars to better inform your customers and increase your sales.
  • Increase your average cart by offering OTOs (unique offers) to your customers.
  • Incorporate an email marketing system into your website sales funnel.

The strength of combining these two systems is that it takes advantage of the best of both worlds. You can use WordPress to manage your website content and increase traffic from search engines.

Finally, you can integrate to “capture” leads from the site into a highly optimized sales funnel that will increase conversions and average baskets. For this, the results are really safe and effective.

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