Cryptocurrency exchange JPEX announces the launch of the original token,

NEW YORK, NY, August 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – JPEX, a central crypto exchange, has announced the launch of its native token JPC. With over one hundred million users and multi-encoder support, JPEX’s decision to release code is in line with the team’s goal of continuously integrating healthy, advanced, and cutting-edge features into the ecosystem. As a token, JPC will contribute significantly to the growth of JPEX and add liquidity to the central exchange platform.

JPEX, through JPC, aims to improve the market capitalization of exchange-backed tokens, setting the emerging crypto trend on a unique path.

JPC will officially release a file Monday August 8, 2022at 10 pm [GMT] on the JPEX platform.


How JPC will affect JPEX and the crypto market

As the NFT wave continues to attract more and more collectors and brands, many centralized crypto exchanges such as Binance,, and Coinbase have launched marketplaces, simplifying the NFT buying and selling process for users. JPEX, backed by a team of innovative, dynamic and committed people, has set its sights on the NFT space and may enter the market soon. The eventual entry into the NFT space will see JPC become the leading digital asset for trading in the JPEX NFT market. Thus, opening up more opportunities for digital art collectors.

Currently, JPEX offers users multiple earning options, and the launch of JPC Central Exchange provides an opportunity to offer staking, thus widening the reward gap for existing and potential users. JPC can act as a bonus token for users willing to pledge a percentage of their holdings to the platform.

JPC has all the essential properties of money: rarity, durability, legality, utility, convertibility, and divisibility. These indispensable aspects make it an ideal token with the potential to be adopted and accepted by the general public as a transactional currency.

JPC Lottery

Ready to run Monday August 8, 2022JPC will be available for trading on the JPEX exchange. To celebrate the launch of the tokens, JPEX will hold a JPC lottery where users can win 20 million JPC tokens.

The lottery will run from July 27 to August 3 with a fixed prize of $200 USD. In an unprecedented way, JPEX will refund the lottery fee – $200 – to non-winners.

JPC is the second token to be launched on the JPEX launch pad, the first LPG. However, it managed to attract more users and more tokens purchased than the latter. JPC’s premiere has seen more than 20,000 users and more than 20 million tokens purchased compared to LPG’s 8,000 users. However, LPG saw prices rise more than 70% immediately upon release, and with JPC receiving more broadly, the price hike could be double or triple the previous high.

As an ERC-20 token, JPC will offer a plethora of benefits, ranging from JPEX voting rights to Friend Promise rewards, metaverse and NFT trade discounts, increased asset security, and staking benefits.

About JPEX

JPEX is one of the most accessible centralized exchanges for fast, transparent and legitimate buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. With millions of users, the launch of JPC as a native token will cement the platform’s position as one of the market leaders. JPC will bring key features to the exchange, attract more users and retain existing clients.

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