An interview with the split Cecile Thibault, who became a market gardener after Science Po

For four years now, Cecile Thibault, a graduate of the Po Sciences Institute, has been resting in the office. She chose to devote herself to marketing gardening, a job as stressful as it is exciting. Report into the heart of his daily life in the Jardins de Longpré in Belgium to understand the reasons. Throughout the week, Novethic explores new ramifications and paths to a more sustainable world that more and more students envision.

No deadline for Cecil Thibault on this scorching Monday July 18th. This horticultural market manager in the Jardins de Longpré in Belgium doesn’t allow herself to be discouraged despite the 36 degrees the mercury has reached. Formerly Purdue, a graduate in environmental sciences and in environmental sciences, she must manage a rescue operation for vegetables weakened by the temperatures. From five in the morning, an intense working day begins for her and her colleagues under her supervision.

The earth is on her hands, her face is built by the sun … It is impossible to guess that she previously held the position of director of the innovation project in Suez, a group specializing in water and waste management, and then coordinator in an incubator for digital startups. Today, Cécile Thibault is going from greenhouse to greenhouse. “The basil will withstand the heat, you can leave them!” , She tells her colleague, as she saves other plants on the edge of the burn.

‘I didn’t follow the tracks that were followed’

“I wanted an operational position at the factory, but nothing was offered that suited me,” The market gardener says it boomed when I let loose. “Branched meaning I didn’t follow the paths that were followed”she explained. From those around her, the feedback was rather positive. Her mother was reassured by her background in studies which allowed her to return easily. “Studying provides security, it is a real luxury”admit.

She first tasted the gardening market by being a volunteer at woofing, a network of organic farms that provide food and lodging. Then, meeting several farmers while training the Les Champs despossibles cooperative decided to make it her job. “There, I was convinced that it was a diverse and physically attractive profession and that I would never get bored”as you say. Now it’s his turn to pass the strings hyperactive job By giving lessons once a week at the Regional Institute of Agricultural Education in La Red, a neighboring town.

“I am glad I have a strong scientific background”, Hang while preparing the next day’s “slurry,” a clever fermented blend of phosphorous, nettle sprouts, and organically-approved honey. Many other skills acquired in management positions in companies are also useful today. Logistics, Marketing, Trade and Recruitment…

Get rid of mortal jobs”

From her first steps in studies, Cecile Thibault has strived to work towards a more sustainable society. Today in the fields, France culture is in her ears, closely following the committed speeches of students during graduation ceremonies. “These are healthy invitations that show a desire for something else,” She explained.

Get out of the murderous quarries, to use their terminology, I hear it,” Continue to advocate for the province through hiring. “I was disappointed that some of my colleagues worked in some seed companies. Change things on the inside, yes, if there’s room for maneuver, she adds. However, it qualifies the controversial passage of Agro Paris Tech students calling for abandonment: “In my job, I rely on the people who build the greenhouses, who make the smart pumps…You need engineers for that.”

For the future, the hyperactive market gardener thinks slow. “I want a baby” , She trusts as she picks up a load of vegetables in the truck. To reduce the workload, one solution could be specialization. “Egg production, why not?” Whatever the case, Cecil Thibault will work in a production career and will keep one foot in the ground, whether through union and political commitments or at the farmers’ cooperative where her companion works.

Fanny Bryonval

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