What are the best digital courses to take in Lille? –

For several years now, digital technology has been at the service of all sectors of activity and at the heart of everyone’s daily life. An endless variety of deals have appeared since it began to develop. Those who wish to pursue a career in digital communications or web careers have the opportunity to pursue specialized training. Here are the best courses you can take in Lille.

digital marketing training

If you plan to pursue a digital internship in Lille, you can opt for digital marketing. This training allows you to master the main marketing tools for defining strategies. Thus, during your internship, you will master all the marketing tools such as search engine optimization (SEO), advertising(s), email and content marketing.

Gaining an audience, building a community, and managing social networks are also some of the things you will learn during your online marketing training. At the end of the training, you will be able to work as a data analyst, digital project manager, web editor, community manager, SEO consultant, SEO expert, etc.

Web Development Training

A professional web developer who is fluent in programming and development languages. Depending on his field, this expert has the ability to create the complete structure as well as the tree structure of the website. While training web developers, instructors teach a variety of languages ​​to students. Among the main languages ​​that a web developer is fluent in are: HTML5, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, CSS3, etc.

Except for the full suite developer, not all other developers are required to master all languages ​​at once. You have the opportunity to specialize and pursue a career as an Android app developer, IOS app developer, video game developer, blockchain developer, etc.

web designer training

Assuming the jobs of technical director, graphic designer, and web integrator, a web designer is a specialist concerned with designing the graphic design of a website. Combining technical knowledge with creative skills, this expert designs the website’s graphic charter. To become a web designer, you must follow technical training at a technical school or at a school specializing in communications, design, and multimedia.

At the end of the training, you can work in a web agency specializing in corporate communications or advertising. You also have the option to setup on your own account.

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