The most employed sectors in Lyon

Lyon is one of the major French cities where the job market shows undeniable dynamism. It is in second place, just after Greater Paris, and 17% of job offers published are concentrated in France. Several sectors are employed in the capital of Gaul and those looking for jobs have a wide choice depending on their profiles: personal services, digital, commerce, construction, energy, etc.

Personal and digital services and commerce in the top three

Personal, digital and commerce are the sectors most employing Lyon at the moment. For the personal services sector, recruiters are looking specifically for caregivers, nurses, and caregivers. On the other hand, digital offerings target experts in development, systems, networking, and maintenance. Ads targeting digital marketing professionals are on the rise, too. And in the commerce sector, the profiles required are Sales Representative, Sales Assistant, Technical Sales Representative and Self-Service Officer.

Construction, Energy and Nuclear

These three sectors are also among the most employable sectors in Lyon. In the construction sector, there is an abundance of vacancies looking for construction dealers: construction workers, draftsmen, electricians, but also equipment installers and machine operators.

In addition, recruiters in the energy sector offer different types of jobs: business manager, operations technician, maintenance technician, refrigeration technician, etc.
And in the nuclear industry, radiation protection technician, nuclear fuse installer, and pipe welder are some of the most requested features.

Restaurants, restaurants and hotel crafts

There are many job offers for food professionals in Lyon: pastry chefs, bakers and butchers are in great demand.
The same applies to the restaurant and hotel sector. In addition to high-demand profiles such as waiters, kitchen clerks and housekeepers, seasonal job offers are also available during the summer season.

Transport, polymers and composites

Employment in the transport sector has been intensified since last year: it is easy for professionals in passenger transport and long-distance freight transport to find jobs in line with their specialties in the metropolitan area of ​​Lyon. Recruiters seek out roundtable delivery services as well as order pickers and shopkeepers.

In addition, in the polymers and composites segment, advertisements are specifically targeted at industrial machine operators and maintenance technicians. It should be noted that Lyon and the metropolis of Paris account for 52% of job offers distributed by recruiters in France.

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