Email Acquisition: From Loyalty to Conquest 1/2

Contrary to what one might think, email marketing is one of the best acquisition tools. And despite the brazen sophistication of social media marketing, it remains more effective than Tweeter or Facebook.

According to a recent study conducted by Custora, a predictive analytics company, Email customer acquisition has quadrupled in the past four years !

Custora’s statistical analysis also shows that leads and customers generated by the email channel are more profitable and return more frequently to the advertiser’s site.

For Econsultancy Email Census, over the past eight years, sending email has consistently taken first or second place in the digital media ranking in terms of return on investment.

Even in the USA, where email marketing is “supposed” to be a mature digital medium, Forrester Research predicts that investments in this lever will continue to grow over the next five years!

But email has also become a sensitive and complex marketing tool. Gains in productivity, growth, or profitability are not necessarily at the end of the “road to delivery” that is full of pitfalls…

It therefore seems necessary to me to appreciate and measure the limitations and challenges so that this massive lead generator does not turn into a digital nightmare….

There are two basic types of email marketing: keep email and get email.

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Due to their source and method of collection, these two marketing levers do not benefit from the same level of deliverability.

Loyalty mail usually benefits from a good response and low complaint rate because both the origin and content of emails are expected by recipients.

Conversely, email mining leads to less interaction and more complaints because the origin and content of emails are not expected by the recipients.

Edward Docray, CEO of Dreamlead Interactive

Edward Docray, CEO of Dreamlead Interactive

loyalty mail

A loyalty email is an email address that is collected from subscribers and distributed on a regular basis.

She could have an editorial or commercial career. It can aim to highlight product or service offerings or have a more relevant career with more useful content or advice.

The purpose of a loyalty email is to retain customers as well as potential customers for your company.

Therefore the range of loyalty messages via email is very wide. The closer it gets to the target of business conquest, the more it sounds like an acquisition email.

The method and especially its collection origin are the only elements that really differentiate it from a collection email.

While loyalty email databases usually do not cause any routing problem, their size is limited by their collection method.

Email acquisition

A collection email is an email address that is collected and/or rented from third parties.

Therefore it is fundamentally different from the source of his collection. Generally, this type of email address (also called prospecting email) is collected through contests, online surveys, or co-registration campaigns.

A collection email is an invasion email: its main objective is to allow the advertiser to gain new customers or qualified leads.

Because of the way they are collected, email acquisition databases cause more delivery problems. But also for the same reasons its size may be unlimited.

To develop their sales volume, an e-merchant will need to use this last leverage.

In Email Acquisition: From Loyalty to Conquest 2/2 you will discover how to exploit, analyze and improve email dispatch in your digital strategy.

Writer : Edward Docray, CEO, Dreamlead Interactive


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