Sendinblue’s acquisition wave continues with its MeetFox video conferencing service.

Sendinblue, a digital marketing platform provider for small and medium businesses, has acquired MeetFox video conferencing service. In fact, the two parties did not specify the financial details. Sendinblue partners with MeetFox and will provide automated scheduling, video conferencing and payment processing solutions.

The acquisition was announced on March 9, 2022, and allows it to acquire the planning and video conferencing tools developed by the New York startup. The two startups share a common goal: to digitize and simplify interactions with customers.

New features on Sendinblue.

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Three new features will be added to the Sendinblue platform. First, an automated planning tool that can be accessed by Sendinblue CRM through various channels.

In fact, MeetFox has also developed a payment processing feature of interest to Sendinblue. It automatically secures billing, and connects to Stripe accounts that allow for configuring cancellation policies.

Finally, MeetFox has developed a video conferencing solution that allows small and medium businesses to host and share their links on their websites. This service can be chosen with other video conferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.

However, Sendinblue will be incorporating new features into its platform next year. Next40 startup is relying on strong demand for video conferencing and planning software linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Sendinblue, the global video conferencing market is expected to grow from 5.6 billion euros to nearly 11.7 billion euros in 2028.

Sendinblue predicted its fourth acquisition in 6 months.

Thus Sendinblue confirms its international ambitions by signing its fourth acquisition in six months. For this, experts in marketing tools help small and medium-sized businesses develop customer relationships to expand their solutions.

In a press release, Sendinblue CEO, Armand Thiberge explained:

“With MeetFox, we are adding a new tool to our digital marketing arsenal, allowing small and medium businesses to create a more professional user experience and simplify meeting format.”

Last September, Sendinblue announced its acquisition of three startups: Metrilo, Chatra and Pushowl, after announcing a €140 million funding round announced in October 2020.

Following these acquisitions aimed at boosting its e-commerce product offerings, Sendinblue wants to offer a customizable chatbot and advanced analytics dashboard to see the impact of each marketing campaign.

In fact, Solid Block intends to continue its product development and international growth. Other offices were opened in New York and Vienna (Austria).

Acquisitions to solve marketing problems.

Sendinblue acquires MeetFox video conferencing service.
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Sendinblue wants its customers to use innovative ways to take advantage of the new MeetFox connection. In addition, it helps in automating and solving marketing problems.

North American CEO and Vice President of Development at Sendinblue, Steffen Schebesta explained that the sales process and customer service are two areas they expect to improve rapidly.

However, he added, the integration of MeetFox’s video solution will allow SMBs to generate more leads and sales through the new revenue channels. Enables direct engagement with potential clients and monetization of advisory conversations.

Last month, Sendinblue launched the Carbon Calculator for the email campaign. Allows customers to associate email campaigns with specific carbon footprint goals. As a result of his research on the carbon footprint, he also identified ways to directly reduce it.

In fact, Sendinblue plans to introduce more features and product improvements in the coming months. They will help small and medium businesses build meaningful relationships with consumers and increase sales.

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