Amazon sues two brokers over elaborate false reviews

Amazon sued two companies, AppSally and Rebatest, on February 22 in Seattle, according to reports CNBC. The e-commerce giant accuses them of encouraging the publication of false reviews, by playing an intermediary role between marketplace sellers and complicit users. In 2020, the number of fake reviews deleted by Amazon was estimated to be 200 million.

AppSally and Rebatest, experts in the art of Amazon security spoofing

Receiving an empty Amazon box is a bad sign for most users of the platform. For some, this is normal. AppSally has a particularly clever system to trick Amazon security about fake reviews. Sellers, AppSally customers, sent empty boxes to a user partner, accompanied by an image of the product. Here’s how to get real, positive feedback. The user collects gift tickets, free products or a small payment.

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AppSally promises its customers to list their products in the Amazon Marketplace search engine. For $25 entry price, the company guarantees Outrun all your competitors without leaving your room For its part, Rebatest claims to have an address book of 900,000 users. Willing to write fake reviews On Amazon, but also on eBay or Walmart.

This situation, now known, is hell for Amazon: it destroys users’ trust in the platform’s product ratings and misleads the product rating algorithm. A mixture likely to damage the platform’s reputation with consumers. In 2019, it was estimated that 60% of reviews in the high-tech section were fake.

The (unwinnable?) war against fake reviews

To deal with this situation, Amazon has made it clear that it has put in place ” Powerful machine learning tools and trained moderators analyze over 10 million reviews every week to stop abusive reviews right before they’re published. “.

The world champion in e-commerce no longer hesitates to take legal action against or ban third-party sellers. In 2021, Amazon also raised its voice against social networks allowing fake review groups to thrive. 1,000 combinations were reported on the platforms in the first three months of 20211.

In the case against the fake review brokers, Amazon sought damages from AppSally and Rebatest in an undisclosed amount. The platform also hopes to prevent the two companies from continuing their activities.

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